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We Reject Your Excommunication

Womyn Priest cracks Carl Olson of Ignatius Insight Scoop up:

Yet another "Praise the Priestettes!" piece, this time in the New York Times:

While other little girls in her hometown of Nissoria, Sicily, were dressing up and playing house, Maria Vittoria Longhitano would pretend to say Mass, dispensing cookies and chips to her toys for communion. Sometimes, she would even baptize her dolls.

As a child, she prayed to St. Rita — much venerated in Sicily — asking for her intervention to become a priest.
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Mary De Voe said...

The soul created by God at conception is the form of the body and the human body will grow to be the form of the soul. If God, in WHOSE image man is created wanted a person to serve Him as a priest that person would have created and born as a man. Serving God as a womyn priest will not get a person to heaven as again, if God wanted that person to become a priest, that person would have been born a MAN. Disobedience to the laws of nature and nature’s God is against the Declaration of Independence and is unconstitutional as well. So much for a self instituted church and womyn priests.

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