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Urgent Prayer Request

Please say a prayer or two or a dozen for fellow Catholic blogger Phillip Johnson. I'll say a rosary tonight.

My MRI on Tuesday showed that my tumor continues to grow at a steady rate, so the doctors at NIH have stopped the treatment. There are no other trials at NIH that would be beneficial to me, so I will no longer be able to be treated there. The doctors are searching for any clinical trials in the country that they believe might be able to help, but there are none that they know of at this time.

The last option is to be treated every two weeks with an intravenous drug called "Avastin" which generally stops tumor growth for a few months, but there are no other options after Avastin.
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American History said...

My husband and I were moved from your prayer.
We are praying that god will help you in your situation.
When we find our self in times like this we use holylandprayer.com
It helps us feel closer to god when we need it most, I truly recommend you to try it.
God bless you.

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