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Some Not Lovin' the GOP Pledge

John Hawkins, the busiest man on the internet, isn't crazy about the GOP's new pledge. I haven't read it yet but Hawkins is a pretty solid conservative and if he doesn't like it I have concerns:

For years now, conservatives have been asking the GOP to come out with another "Contract with America." Finally they have, and quite frankly, they shouldn't have bothered.

Not only is the GOP's Pledge to America gutless pabulum, it's gutless pabulum that shows that behind the wall of "no's" they're throwing up, the GOP still has exactly the same problems that caused them to go so far off the rails during the Bush Administration."
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John Hetman said...

Given the nature of moderate (so-called) Republicans, this is not surprising. These are the same "Gather Us In" folks that have been slowly dripping on the fires of change for a couple of decades. It will be Obamacare seeping under our doors. Look for such exciting geldings as Mark Kirk (Wuss-IL 10th) to lead the Senate if he wins against the usual socialist mafioso.

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