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Simcha Fisher and the Pants Debacle

Few things have brought me more joy recently than Simcha Fisher's blog posts about pants and the ensuing firestorm in the combox. Ha. Some of the people in the combox are coming off a little...crazy. Not Simcha. Well, she seems a little crazy but in a really fun way that's not a danger to her neighbors. (Probably) I urge you to go to the blog's first post about pants, slog through the combox, laugh, be horrified, laugh some more, emerge, and scroll up for more madness. I must say that I just found her blog recently and love it.

Consider the following food for thought, and not a hard-and-fast directive. So in case you were under the bizarre impression that some random essay written by a layperson has some moral force, then rest at ease. I repeat, this is not a directive! But you better listen to me, or you’re going to hell.

Top ten reasons I wear pants
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Anneg said...

The comments really are hilarious. I've been around some of the Fundamental Protestants who don't cut their hair, wear makeup, only wear skirts and never, ever braids, but had no idea there were such Catholics. Really? Is this all we have to worry about?
One commenter even asked if we had ever seen the BVM in pants? Really? Really? LOL is way too mild, AnneG in NC and too old to care

Coffee Catholic said...

I almost never wear pants. But while I'm not about to go all Taliban and make pants or skirts a moral issue...(because that's stoopid) I don't think it would kill my fellow women to wear a nice skirt to mass instead of jeans or manly slacks. I doubt they'd wear the same if they went to meet with the President or the Queen of England. Respect, anyone?

On the same note, I don't think it would kill anyone to dress a bit more grownup either. Jeans are nice and all but they have their place. (Home??) Since when did they become the national uniform to be worn everywhere for everything? Over here where I live in Britain you see the ladies when they are merely out shopping in town and they have nice slacks, dressy shoes, blouses, blazers, dresses or skirts. They look like **grown women** rather then perpetual teenagers and it's a real treat.

Deirdre Mundy said...

I think the "icecream nun" ad sheds some light on the whole debate.

The "nun" in the ad is clearly sending 'immodest' vibes---yet she's wearing a habit!!! Shouldn't that make her completely modest and not at all capable of arousing lust in menfolk? It's not like she's wearing JEANS and peeptoed heels, for goodness sake!

Or....could it be that 'modesty' might not be just about clothes? Perhaps once you meet some minimum standard of decency appropriate to the situation, modesty is about your interior disposition, NOT your dress?

For instance, women in labor our often scantily clad (thank you, hospital gowns!) Yet noone accuses them of leading the OB into temptation!

So maybe, a big part of modesty is wear your focus is--- Mary is modest--she doesn't point to herself, she points to Christ......

BUT, if Mary was in Florida on the beach in a bathing suit, she's STILL point to Christ, not to herself,......

Or, in other words, it's NOT all about ME... which is why, sometimes, I wear pants. (and others skirts. Depending on the task at hand and the state of the laundry and the number of minutes I have before we have to be out the door!)

Deirdre Mundy said...

Also, I've noticed accessories really affect how 'modest' an outfit looks. For instance, if you carry a chubby grinning baby around, noone even NOTICES what you're wearing! You could be naked, and all people would see was the baby!

So obviously Simcha just needs to make sure she goes everywhere glued to a child. I'm sure she can scrounge one up somewhere......

Deirdre Mundy said...

Btw..please excuse the typos... too many athletic events today and not enough coffee!

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