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Prof: Hey Let's Make Carnivores Extinct

You've got to check this one out. A Philosophy professor argues in the New York Times that God is flawed because all animals aren't herbivores. And we should make all carnivores extinct to ease suffering.

Better enjoy the Lion King while you can. Flipper could also be gone soon. If a certain nutty professor has his way, all lions, dolphins, as well as all other carnivorous animals on this planet would be selected for controlled extinction for the "high crime" of eating meat and causing suffering in other animals. I kid you not.

In a long, rambling, seemingly endless opinion piece in the New York Times that comes off like a bizarre mixture of Dr. Strangelove and Professor Irwin Corey, Rutgers philosphy professor Jeff McMahan makes the case for playing God in the animal kingdom because of his assertion that God was flawed for allowing animal suffering in the wild
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Patrick Button said...

I'm not hoping that he will get eaten by a bear, but the thought is highly amusing to me.

John Hetman said...

Not to mention all the little carnivorous microbes right now nibbling away! Um, a Rutgers Prof! Oh joy!.

First you're sick and then you're worse
And then it's time to call the hearse

They put you in
the cold, cold ground
with all your relatives
standing around.

The worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
The worms they crawl
all about

The worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
They play pinochle
on your snout.

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