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Oh No! Not Polka Mass!

Oh No! Badger Catholic has pictures of the Polka Mass. Well, I guess I should just be grateful he doesn't have video:

I hate to offend... well not really... but I think it would be better to be shot than to have to sit through the aptly named Polka Mass. Instead of Holy Mass we now have a Polka Mass. So where did this kind of nonsense come from? I know this is hard to believe, but this invention came strait out of the roaring 1970s.
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Anonymous said...

I would much rather attend a Polka Mass than the
Masses where priests ad lib their words or the Masses I continue to sit through with Protestant music.

The Church gives the Eucharist to marital abandoners, routinely, even as they persecute their spouses and mock their marriages. I would rather see the hierarchy forced to resign, priests and bishops, who support this garbage and sacrilege, than worry about the, far less destructive, consequences of a Polka Mass.

I have little faith left in the Catholic Church. I
hang on with this disgusting "Bride of Christ" because there is no other Church, that is not worse, left to run to.

Turn your critiques toward the lousy clergy we
have, which merely reflect the lousy Catholics
that make up this sad Church.

Coffee Catholic said...

Anon, "I have little faith left in the Catholic Church"... try being Catholic for the *faith* and not the people. That will help a lot.

I've remained Catholic because I'm convinced that this institution must deffinately be under the protection of God. How else could such a horribly run organization have continued to exist for over 2,000 years???????? The proof is in the pudding.

John Hetman said...

We have been deluged with loopy liturgies and ghastly liturgies since the "spirit" of VC II alighted upon our dreadful 1960s/70s' world. I have seen many of them. And we have had and still have loopy and ghastly priests and bishops (and yes legions of now elderly polyester nuns).

But in spite of all this, there is a growing reverence for the Holy Mass, and a resurgence of energy in the Church that can been seen in many places and among new vibrant and orthodox orders of men and women faithful to the Church of Christ and His Vicar on Earth, Benedict XVI.

In the end, the Church as always will continue to preach and live the Gospel, in spite of polka masses, dancing girls, and homilies that belong on SNL.

The Time of the Orc is ending.

TomE said...

Polka masses, soho masses, folk masses, where does it ever end?!

Anon, I think a lack of reverence at mass and clergy reluctant to speak truth go hand in hand. There may be exceptions to the rule, but more often than not there seems to be a correlation. Pray for priests!!

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