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Obama Sucks So Much He Is A Hoover!

Jonah Goldberg

‘Worst president since Hoover.”

Democrats have said this at one point or another about every Republican president since, well, Herbert Hoover. That’s because Democrats have been waiting for the resurrection of FDR like a cargo cult waiting for one last plane that never comes.

Such wishful thinking rarely pays off. History just doesn’t work like that. Lucy will always yank the football away from the Charlie Browns who think history will repeat itself perfectly. Fate, providence — whatever you want to call it — has a better sense of humor than that.

Which is why I’m beginning to think Barack Obama isn’t the next FDR — as so many promised — but the next Hoover.

The creation myth of the modern Democratic party...

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Robert said...

"Obama Sucks So Much He Is A Hoover!"
Most likely, the greatest line ever written.

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