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NPR: Was Cardinal Newman Gay?

Mollie Hemingway of Get Religion takes on this laughably bad report from NPR:

On the final day of his United Kingdom trip, Pope Benedict XVI formally beatified English theologian and apologist Cardinal John Henry Newman. Let’s look at some of the stories about Newman. NPR’s excellent religion reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty had a piece speculating that Newman was gay. I thought it a completely bizarre approach for the main story the news outlet chose to report on the man.

The piece itself acknowledges, eventually, that there’s no actual evidence for the claim. But that comes after the large point headline asks:

Was Cardinal John Henry Newman Gay?
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shane said...

I recently put up an old pamphlet on Newman some may find interesting:


Anonymous said...

One wonders about the psychology of the self-loathing accuser. I, for instance, have been accused of being a union member, said accusation -- and it was an accusation -- being made BY union members. They don't even like themselves, and so to accuse someone else of being like them is, well, strange.

If a union member says someone else is a union member, shouldn't that, in his milieu, be a ocmpliment?

And if someone who avers that he is homosexual says that someone else is a homosexual, again, should that not be a compliment?

But it's not, and we know it's not. It is a matter of someone doing something wrong resenting someone else who has gotten this one matter, at least, right.

-- Mack

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