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NFL Players: Palin in Playboy or White House?

This is OK because Palin's a conservative so none of the rules of decency apply. (I'm kinda' waiting to see how long it takes for Todd to level someone who attacks his wife or kids) Newsbusters has the story:

"I've said many times before, we're all held to a high standard here."
- Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

...except when our players are engaged in sexist conversations.

Fresh off the heels of a locker room controversy involving reporter Ines Sainz, in which Goodell referred to New York Jets players as engaging in ‘unprofessional conduct' toward a female reporter, we have a couple of star NFL players discussing their thoughts on seeing Sarah Palin pose in Playboy.
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Amy Giglio said...

I attribute this conversation to their pig-ness, not because Palin's conservative. I'm pretty sure that they would have these conversations about nationally prominent, Playboy-worthy liberal women if there were any.

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