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ND 88 Update

The Thomas More Society reports:

Sparks flew in St. Joseph County Circuit Court yesterday as the Thomas More Society won several key victories against the prosecution in the case of the “ND88,” the individuals arrested in connection with the Obama Commencement at Notre Dame.

Thomas More Society special counsel, Tom Dixon, beat back efforts by the county prosecutor to force all defendants to return to South Bend one week prior to their trials, which the court denied, “in the interest of justice.” Dixon also defeated efforts by the prosecutor to deny each defendant their own individual jury trial by consolidating the defendants into a small number of trials.
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Marilyn Heller said...

You go, Tom Dixon! Wouldn't it be ironic if Notre Dame's firing of Bill Kirk, the pro-life vp of the university, helped out the defense in this case. The university really should be ashamed of itself on so many levels.

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