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NAACP: America Just like Nazi Germany

OK. I'm wondering what the most offensive part is. Is is that Ben Jealous of the NAACP said we're all racists for speaking against Obama. Or is it that he compared America to Nazi Germany. Or is it worse that he said both these things from a church pulpit. You decide. The video is at The Blaze:

NAACP: One Nation March About Not Calling Obama an African Witch Doctor, America like Before Kristallnacht
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Anonymous said...

Jeeez. I mean he has a point. Let's not be OTT, talking about the NAACP's interpretation of TParty racism.

It's all too obvious (to everyone on EARTH) except to TPartiers. Welfare benefitting TPartiers have too many contradictions . . like.

1. A little hypocritcal/ (lies lies lies) to talk of "Socialist or Communist" Kenyan . . .Birther born Obama . . . when you have the former head of the KKK and every other neo nazi group attending TParty rallies and proclaiming their membership (and threatening people, if not lynching them in past years . . .cough cough).

2. A tad hypocritical to talk of fiscal budgeting when you support and agenda that will send our jobs overseas.

3. A tad hyporciatal to talk of cutting benefits when the majority of TBaggers are sucking off the Welfare system from SSI, Disability, Welfare . . .you name it

4. Odd that the majority of TPartiers complain and offer no solutions. It's all about anger not budgeting.

The mentality of the TParty is ditto that of the Neo Nazi movement that sprung up in Germany (originally the "grassroots" National Socialist movement - fed up with a major depression in Germany) - same fringe, hate, fear mongering. At least the NAACP are aligning with other groups to do positive things and have done positive things.

What have the TParty done for anyone. NADA.

If it smells like a Neo Nazi . . .It must be a Neo . . TBagger . . .


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