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"Liveable Communities" Should Scare You

Adrienne believes the term "liveable community" should scare you as much as "Obamacare." Check her out because she's been all over this issue like ugly on an ape:

Senator Dodd introduced this bill to enforce UN Agenda 21. I've brought up Agenda 21 in the past here and here. In one of those posts I suggested that Agenda 21 was almost as dangerous as Obamacare. In actuality they are both equally dangerous.

One of the best articles on this whole debacle remains New World Order Rising? Thoughts on the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development by Steven Yates and I urge you to read it. In fact you may want to print it out and go through it with a yellow highlighter.
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John S said...

Conspiracy theorist!

Adrienne said...

John - conspiracy is a perfectly good word...

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