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Fr. Grunow on The Catholic Difference

Fr. Grunow of Word on Fire warns that we must come to understand our faith or we may lose it:

Recently, the Pew Forum published a survey on the level of religious knowledge across faith and denomination lines, and Archbishop Chaput of Denver delivered an address concerning what it means to be Catholic in the "Late Republic." Father Steve Grunow analyzes both articles here.

The juxtaposition of two articles struck me as significant. Archbishop Chaput of Denver recently delivered an address to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars entitled, “Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic Role in America After Virtue."
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Anonymous said...

Hello, Matt and Pat!

Just for clarification sake, Fr. Steve Grunow at Word on Fire wrote the particular article that you linked to on your website ("The Catholic Difference"), not Father Barron. Thank you very much for posting in on CMR!

Rozann Carter

matthew archbold said...

My bad. The good Lord granted me an abundance of imbecility. Sometimes I like to show it off.

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