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Father Hewes on 9-11

Father Hewes on 9-11:

This weekend marks the ninth anniversary of the events we have come to call ―9-11‖.
I would imagine very few of us who were alive and capable of memory will forget that day. As for earlier genera-tions, and for those of us with long memories and/or a sense of history, September 11, 2001 is December 7, 1941 AND November 22, 1963. All in one: a ―day of infamy and a day of immediate televised shock and tears on one splendidly clear, beautiful, blue-skied day.

By the end of it, the awful shock of it sank in amidst fear, fire and smoke: thousands of our fellow citizens and visitors had vanished in a moment, ―in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. Victims of a murderous religious fanaticism that most Americans assumed belonged to the past and to other lands. Unbearable, poignant cell phone calls, Nine-One-One operators telling a caller to ―say your prayers; men and women facing no human hope of rescue, abandoning themselves to the air; heroic civilians aiding one another down dark stairs; heroic firefighters making their (in retrospect) doomed way up those stairs in answer to a call of duty, in some cases three generations old; innocent passengers on three planes along with heroic combative ones on another: all gone in that evil long feared and prayed against in our ancient Litany of the Saints: the subitanea et improvisa morte, the ―sudden and unprovided death.
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Yon said...

Gave me the chills and made my eyes well up. God bless this man, and all who perished.

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