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Does O'Donnell Talk Too Much About God?

Lisa Grass at Newsreal Blog wonders why it's a big deal that Christine O'Donnell talks about God while Obama the same day discussed his Christianity and it didn't raise an eyebrow among the media:

When the Journolist scandal broke, the leftist media’s behind-the-scenes communications about Sarah Palin revealed an anti-Christian sentiment. Now, as two stories about faith, one from President Obama and one from Christine O’Donnell, hit the headlines at roughly the same time but with very different perspectives, we take note of a clear example of anti-Christian attitudes being directed against only one side — the Right. The disparity in reporting involved in these two similar stories gives us a rare glimpse into media facilitation of the agenda of the Religious Left, to educate America that God is good and relevant when referenced by the Left, but scary or irrelevant when referenced by the Right.
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