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What Happened to Halloween?

Marcel doesn't like the changes he's seen in Halloween:

I saw Halloween decorations in a store this weekend and it made me think about the changes that have happened over the last 20 years or so. When I was a kid, Halloween was just fun, not too macabre and not filled with sex and the occult. That isn't the case today.

Halloween has been taken over by the grotesque and by commercialized sex. I think this is a shame and Catholics should not participate in such things. Now, I am not saying that we should reject Halloween all-together, rather I am suggesting that we need to start to think about it now in order to plan on how we might redeem the good in it
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Prohibition -- The Lights Are Going Out

Darwin Catholic has a humorous post about the prohibition on light bulbs:

I read a reminder that as of 2012, the incandescent bulb design we've all known for so many years will become illegal, and we'll move into a yellowish future of little spiraly things. Even the designers of the ban seem to understand the idea of the lights going out -- first they'll take away out 100 Watts, then our 75s, then our 60s. By the time they take away our 40 Watt bulbs in 2014, we'll all be so used to it, we won't know the difference.
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What is Social Justice?

Steve Kellmeyer must be like a super duper smarty pants type because this essay he wrote on social justice is excellent. It's really impressive. I passed out three times from brain overload but I kept reading:

“Whilst the pagan priests neglect the poor, the hated Galileans devote themselves to works of charity, and by a display of false compassion have established and given effect to their pernicious errors. See their love-feasts, and their tables spread for the indigent. Such practice is common among them, and causes a contempt for our gods.”

The Roman Emperor Julian hated and feared Catholics. Though raised Catholic, from his earliest days, he had been a political hostage, held captive by Catholic emperors. These men murdered his father and executed his half-brother. Catholics pretended to love people, but he knew the truth. His father’s spilled blood witnessed to it.
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Does O'Donnell Talk Too Much About God?

Lisa Grass at Newsreal Blog wonders why it's a big deal that Christine O'Donnell talks about God while Obama the same day discussed his Christianity and it didn't raise an eyebrow among the media:

When the Journolist scandal broke, the leftist media’s behind-the-scenes communications about Sarah Palin revealed an anti-Christian sentiment. Now, as two stories about faith, one from President Obama and one from Christine O’Donnell, hit the headlines at roughly the same time but with very different perspectives, we take note of a clear example of anti-Christian attitudes being directed against only one side — the Right. The disparity in reporting involved in these two similar stories gives us a rare glimpse into media facilitation of the agenda of the Religious Left, to educate America that God is good and relevant when referenced by the Left, but scary or irrelevant when referenced by the Right.
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Cutting Abortion Funding in New Jersey

The battle continues over abortion funding in New Jersey:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a bill that included funding for Planned Parenthood has withstood a challenge from Democrats in the state senate.

The veto deprived the state’s leading abortion provider of money that is essential to its continued operation.

The $7.5-million cut in funding is part of Christie’s wide-ranging austerity program for cash-strapped New Jersey. Although the governor is pro-life, both his aides and senate Republicans were quick to emphasize that this was primarily a fiscal decision. The funding bill, S2139, was part of a trio of spending bills vetoed simultaneously because there was no money to pay for them.
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Can "Social Justice" Be Saved?

Deal Hudson discusses whether the term "social justice" must be thrown out over at Inside Catholic:

Over at Catholic.org, my friend Deacon Keith Fournier makes the argument that Catholics need to "take back" the phrase "social justice" in its true meaning.

His argument is a continuation of an exchange we shared at the Catholic Leadership Conference in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. Deacon Fournier was in the midst of making the same argument, when I exerted my rights as moderator by interrupting to say, "That won’t work – the phrase 'social justice' is far too corrupted and become a veritable code phrase for pro-abortion Catholics in politics."
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$100 Million Doesn't Equal Parents

Amy Giglio is right on with this one:

So Newark's about to get $100 mil. from the CEO of Facebook. That's great. Really. I hope it helps more kids learn to read, to do math, and to stay away from the streets.

But I'm pretty sure he could give any failing school system a BILLION dollars and it would still do no good at all if those kids don't have stable homes and neighborhoods to return to after school. No amount of money will help if the kids don't have a parent or grandparent at home to take care of them and to make sure they stay on top of them
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When Kids Aren't Who We Want Them To Be

Great writing from Betty Duffy that hit home with me:

The weather turns cool, and I want to run. It’s seasonal, the cross country season being in the Fall, so many years of my life spent garumphing through the hills and woods, leaves crunching underfoot. Distance running is my favorite sport. I ran through high school, through college, then I coached it for a year during that very brief stint I spent teaching high school English. I was in the best shape of my life that year because my husband and I were engaged, and I would forget to eat all the time, and I’d run with the girls in the afternoon, then meet my husband for walks at night, clocking about nine miles a day.
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America's Voluntary One Child Policy

Chelsea Zimmerman wonders if declining fertility rates can be reversed:

The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last takes a look at declining fertility rates world-wide. It’s a very long article, but it’s interesting to see how many countries seem to have voluntarily adopted China’s forced “one child” policy over the years. His main focus is America (which has a fertility rate of about 2.06, so pretty darn close!), who he says owes it’s decline in birth rates to a variety of cultural and economic factors: the American drive for education, the broadening of women’s career paths and delayed family formation, a higher cost of living over the years and the rise in government programs (social security, medicare, etc…) that have reduced the pressing “need” for one to have children who will help take care them in old age (nevermind the fact that these programs, to be effective in the long run, require a steady supply of new workers to replace the ones who retire and want to reap their benefits).
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Fr. Longenecker on Anglican Concerns

Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks some pertinent questions concerning unity:

Our local vicar in the combox says, "When Pope Benedict talks to Anglicans about church unity what he really means is 'Come and join us.'"

Of course this is true in a sense, but when he says "Come and join us." Benedict is not expecting total conformity and uniformity in all things. That's what the Ordinariate is all about. What he has in mind is a growing family of different small groups like Anglicans and the Eastern churches, coming into full communion while retaining their own patrimony of liturgy and customs and also being granted a measure of autonomy both materially and in matters of governance.
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Fr. Grunow on The Catholic Difference

Fr. Grunow of Word on Fire warns that we must come to understand our faith or we may lose it:

Recently, the Pew Forum published a survey on the level of religious knowledge across faith and denomination lines, and Archbishop Chaput of Denver delivered an address concerning what it means to be Catholic in the "Late Republic." Father Steve Grunow analyzes both articles here.

The juxtaposition of two articles struck me as significant. Archbishop Chaput of Denver recently delivered an address to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars entitled, “Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic Role in America After Virtue."
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Loved to Death

A must read from Sheila Liaugminas about a horrible tale of a young bride being starved to death. Awful.

Whether there are more Terri Schiavo’s suffering a torturous death by starvation and dehydration these days, or we’re just hearing more about them these days is uncertain. But the manner of such death should be made clear, and the media are certainly not doing that.

The latest case we know of is the ‘bride in a coma’ story. She was young and just married. But what we know through the media is incomplete about Trisha Rushing Duguay’s death is incomplete.
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10 Anti-Women Actions by Feminists

If I didn't know any better I'd start wondering if feminism wasn't really about empowering women. Check this illuminating and disturbing story out at Newsreal:

1) Jessica Valenti’s Femisogynist Spirit: Rooting for and Rejoicing at Abortion for Convenience

While leftist “feminists” sneer condescendingly at the idea of post-abortion syndrome, it does exist. And if they actually cared about women, they’d admit that fact. But, see, they can’t. If they did, it would mean that they’d have to stop encouraging women to have abortions without disclosing the trauma that can occur to the woman. Many women who abort their babies suffer intense pain and immense guilt. Their entire lives.
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Want a Former Hooker Teaching Your Kids?

A former hooker is shocked that some might think she shouldn't be teaching kids. She's not just a former hooker, she's an outspoken and unashamed former hooker who writes constantly about being a stripper and a hooker on the internet. Cassy Fiano has the story:

Consider the following scenario. You’re browsing the internet, and you come across an essay from one of your children’s teachers talking about her background as a prostitute. Concerned, you do a little more digging, and you find a video of the teacher talking about her experiences as a stripper, including how she almost got into a lesbian love affair with another stripper. Yet another article written by the teacher talks about selling herself on Craigslist, and complaining that Craigslist took their “adult services” section off of the Web site. How would you react? How would you feel?
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Is That a Promise, Mr.Biden?

Biden warns that the Obama agenda will come to a "screeching halt" if we elect Republicans!

That’s the idea!…

Vice President Biden renewed his warning on Tuesday that the administration’s agenda would come to a “screeching halt” if Republicans win control of Congress.
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Fox Should Fire Bob Beckel

I haven't seen the video yet but this sounds like it got real nasty. I don't know Pamela Geller but it seems that she was treated rather crassly and unfairly by Bob Beckel of Fox News. John Hawkins seems pretty ticked about it:

Even as liberals claim to be feminists, it's impossible to miss that the most grotesque misogyny comes from the Left these days. Everything from "hate f*** lists," to over-the-top sexist insults, to attacks on women's families have become par for the course when Democrats are involved.

If you want to see another all-too-typical example of how liberals view women, listen to the crap Pamela Geller had to deal with at the hands of Bob Beckel -- and on Fox of all places,
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Ten Things That Are Going Away

David L. Alexander says many things that we take for granted will be gone soon. Including these:

Whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come!

1. The Post Office. Get ready to imagine a world without the post office. They are so deeply in financial trouble that there is probably no way to sustain it long term. Email, FedEx and UPS have just about wiped out the minimum revenue needed to keep the post office alive. Most of your mail every day is junk mail and bills.
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Mr. Zuckerberg's Ovation

Rebecca Teti notices something about how we treat the rich:

Watch the whole thing for context (and you can find part two here), but the striking moment for me begins at 3:30, when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announces his $100 million challenge grant in support of the project.

He gets a standing ovation for his generosity.

Contrast that audience response of gratitude and admiration for the act of generosity with the political rhetoric we often hear about the wealthy “not paying their fair share.” It struck me that we treat individuals like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg very differently in person than when we’re talking about them as a class
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Is There Beer In Heaven?

Badger Catholic is dealing with the really deep theological issues of the day...such as whether there's beer in Heaven.

Seriously, I had got a lot of comments about this on another social media site too along with my recent post on how there is no beer(or Polka Mass) in heaven.

My main point is how can someone drink without a mouth? When we die, our souls and bodies are separated. At that point we exist just as a soul, a pure spirit like the angels.
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Martin Luther on the Immaculate Conception

Taylor Marshall has Martin Luther's own words on the Immaculate Conception:

Here are some surprising words. It seems that Martin Luther, that once Augustinian priest turned Revolutionary, upheld belief in the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception (even before it was declared a dogmatic doctrine in 1854 by Pope Pius IX). The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception holds that Mary was preserved from original sin at her conception and from all sin during her life - that she was conceived, lived, and died without any taint of sin.
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Gay Activist Suspended from Job at Church

The Eponymous Flower has the story:

Archbishop Nienstedt is serious about oppposing this non-sense and explaining the Catholic Faith. There's not much more to the story than what is cited below, but it is interesting that the "artist" who's been adorning the downtown Basilica with her creations for years has compared herself to Galileo.

[Minneapolis, Star Tribune] Lucinda Naylor, a Minneapolis artist and part-time church employee, was suspended from her job over a protest sculpture using antigay marriage DVDs distributed by the Catholic church.
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They Can't Be Serious

Pundette wonders why Congress is acting so silly in this very serious time:

Sure, they're arrogant, dishonest, power-mad, et cetera. But Byron York cuts to the heart of what's wrong with this Congress:

Unable to govern, Dems turn to Stephen Colbert:

In matters large and small, the actions of Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have created what could be THE question of the final weeks of the campaign: Are Democrats really serious about running Congress?
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NAACP: America Just like Nazi Germany

OK. I'm wondering what the most offensive part is. Is is that Ben Jealous of the NAACP said we're all racists for speaking against Obama. Or is it that he compared America to Nazi Germany. Or is it worse that he said both these things from a church pulpit. You decide. The video is at The Blaze:

NAACP: One Nation March About Not Calling Obama an African Witch Doctor, America like Before Kristallnacht
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Godless Universe Mathematically Impossible

Pravda is says the odds are against atheists:

The scientific method is used every day in forensic science to determine whether an event in a crime scene was an accident or by design and intention. Mathematical probability is a scientific argument and is frequently used in determining many issues of scientific inquiry.

The scientific method cannot be used to prove events which occurred outside of human observation. No one observed the origin of the universe by either chance or design, but scientific evidence via mathematical probability can be used to support either a chance or design origins for the universe.
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Fr. McBrien and the Dead Horse

The American Catholic takes on Fr. Richard McBrien's latest:

I shouldn’t have, but I did.

Today I read Fr. Richard McBrien’s article on Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the new head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops. As the prefect for this congregation Cardinal Ouellet will play a crucial role in the appointment of the Church’s bishops in the years to come.

In his article McBrien makes the following observation:
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America's Forgotten Newman?

From AmSpec

It is accepted wisdom that the newly beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) and his associates in the Anglo-Catholic Oxford Movement were influences in the faith formation of members of the Episcopal Church in the United States, including some who followed Newman's path of conversion to Roman Catholicism. Less appreciated are the stories of made-in-the-USA Anglo-Catholics and Roman Catholic converts, contemporary or even antecedent to Newman, and probably influential in the Cardinal's own spiritual odyssey.

Though there may not have been a "movement" in America of scope, celebrity, academic prestige and literary heft to compare with that of the Oxford divines, there were notable moves by individuals that deserve their place alongside Newman's. To give two clichés some well deserved mangling, not all of the great 19th-century Crossings of the Tiber took place Across the Pond.

During the early days of the American Republic...

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We Reject Your Excommunication

Womyn Priest cracks Carl Olson of Ignatius Insight Scoop up:

Yet another "Praise the Priestettes!" piece, this time in the New York Times:

While other little girls in her hometown of Nissoria, Sicily, were dressing up and playing house, Maria Vittoria Longhitano would pretend to say Mass, dispensing cookies and chips to her toys for communion. Sometimes, she would even baptize her dolls.

As a child, she prayed to St. Rita — much venerated in Sicily — asking for her intervention to become a priest.
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UK Catholic School To Be Run By Mosque?

Will the last Christian in Europe turn the lights out on Western civilization before they leave please? Weasel Zippers has the story:

Sacred Heart primary in Blackburn could become the first Catholic school in Britain to be converted into an Islamic faith school following a dramatic change in the pupil population. More than nine-in-10 of the school’s pupils were Catholic a decade ago but that number plummeted to just three per cent this year. Under current legislation, the local council must effectively run a competition to find a new organisation to run the school.

Blackburn’s Masjid-e-Tauheedul Islam mosque, which already runs a girls’ secondary school in the town, is among a series of organisations expressing an interest.
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NFL Players: Palin in Playboy or White House?

This is OK because Palin's a conservative so none of the rules of decency apply. (I'm kinda' waiting to see how long it takes for Todd to level someone who attacks his wife or kids) Newsbusters has the story:

"I've said many times before, we're all held to a high standard here."
- Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

...except when our players are engaged in sexist conversations.

Fresh off the heels of a locker room controversy involving reporter Ines Sainz, in which Goodell referred to New York Jets players as engaging in ‘unprofessional conduct' toward a female reporter, we have a couple of star NFL players discussing their thoughts on seeing Sarah Palin pose in Playboy.
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All We Need is Love

A Voice in the Void is right on with this. And it's something I'm guilty of forgetting sometimes:

It’s so easy to become jaded when you’re a political junkie like I am. It’s something I have to watch our for in myself. As I know I’ve mentioned before, Jesus himself warned us that our solutions aren’t political. We have to look toward something greater than ourselves. But, when you’re toiling away here on planet earth, it sometimes feels like everything rides on politics and getting that last word in, that last email out. But, it doesn’t. Everything rides on love. We have to have love in our hearts, as much love as humanly possible, and when that’s not enough, which it usually isn’t, then we have to ask God to give us the grace to have more love than is humanly possible.
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Some Not Lovin' the GOP Pledge

John Hawkins, the busiest man on the internet, isn't crazy about the GOP's new pledge. I haven't read it yet but Hawkins is a pretty solid conservative and if he doesn't like it I have concerns:

For years now, conservatives have been asking the GOP to come out with another "Contract with America." Finally they have, and quite frankly, they shouldn't have bothered.

Not only is the GOP's Pledge to America gutless pabulum, it's gutless pabulum that shows that behind the wall of "no's" they're throwing up, the GOP still has exactly the same problems that caused them to go so far off the rails during the Bush Administration."
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Paul Ryan Reaffirms Pro-Life Stance

I've got to admit that all this "truce" talk is freaking out a lot of pro-lifers but I might have jumped on the bandwagon decrying Paul Ryan a little quick. It seems when he made his comments a few days ago about "agreeing to disagree" I might have freaked on him a bit quick. (Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour are still on my "no way" list though.) The Weekly Standard has comments from Ryan:

In February, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin wrote a paper for the Heritage Foundation titled "The Cause of Life Can’t be Severed from the Cause of Freedom," and in July, he took issue with Mitch Daniels' call for a "truce" on social issues.

So it's a little surprising to see this criticism of Ryan at Red State:
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Why Not Having Sex is a Good Thing

Steven Crowder is a funny guy with a serious point. He makes a great point about choosing abstinence and what it means for trusting your spouse.:

Sex. Some of us do it, most of us like it and we all think about it…. A lot. I know I do (though I was told that it’s normal). Gettin’ busy really isn’t the taboo subject that it once was.

Whereas once upon a time the conversation was relegated to whispers behind closed doors, nowadays it’s discussed openly and without shame. As a stand-up comedian, I’ve seen hacks openly depict the most depraved, explicit sexual acts they can think of just to get a laugh out of the audience. Clearly, telling wiener jokes is no longer the treading of new territory that it once was.

Funnily enough, today there is one area of sex that when discussed, still makes people’s posteriors pucker with discomfort… abstinence.
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Wacko Anti-Catholic Editorial

Opinionated Catholic takes on this crazy editorial that completely miscontrues the Pope's comments:

Boy did some newspaper folks in a op-ed department wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

See Our view: Church is picking unnecessary fight

Before I get into the op-ed a few words from Pope Benedict who it appears the staff were not listening to when he was in the UK last week or if they did think he is wrong wrong wrong.
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Boys Have "Right" to Use Girl's Bathroom?

Now that gender is fungible this decision makes perfect sense. Van Helsing of Right Wing News has this disturbing story brought to you by the Human Rights Commission. It's scary enough to me that there is a Maine Human Rights Commission.

The Maine Human Rights Commission deserves praise from moonbats for doing its part in the culture war:

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that Orono Middle School unlawfully discriminated against a sixth-grader during the 2008-2009 school year by not letting the male-to-female transgender student use the girls' bathroom.
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Life & Love After Infidelity

Just Read This....

It's been nearly one year since I posted this. I was thinking of waiting for the one year mark, mostly because I just didn't know what to say or how to say it. I also wasn't sure in my heart until pretty recently that it's all going to be alright, so I didn't want to jinx anything. Also, something about the whole St. Blog's Pantsapalooza Event of 2010 made me think here I am actually in possession of some knowledge I should perhaps pass on. In many of the comboxes, in between the yays and nays for pants, there would be talk here and there of not one, but of few couples someone might know, Catholics with large families, breaking up. I stumbled the other day on a statistic that only 1/3 of couples survive infidelity. I cannot even begin to understand why us. I have no idea, except God allowed, chose, helped...He did it. So I guess it was time to write...something. I hope it's not lame.

As of now, we are surviving, we are building a new marriage and our old marriage is dead and gone. It's is withered and decayed and the new one is bright and filled with hope. As of right now, I love my husband more than I ever have. We are not ...

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Lindsey Vonn Stripped of Gold?

Lindsey Vonn hasn't really been stripped of the gold but there's a really good punchline over at Reaganite Republican:

In a shocking development, the International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the gold medal previously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn, now handing it instead to U.S. President Barack Obama...
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ObamaCare "Little to do" With Premium Rise

Pundette is tired of being treated like an idiot.

Obamacare has "little to do" with rising healthcare premiums

And this is announced with a straight face.

Note to the ruling elites: I know you can't possibly assimilate this, but Americans are really tired of being treated like idiots by their minders.
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NPR: Was Cardinal Newman Gay?

Mollie Hemingway of Get Religion takes on this laughably bad report from NPR:

On the final day of his United Kingdom trip, Pope Benedict XVI formally beatified English theologian and apologist Cardinal John Henry Newman. Let’s look at some of the stories about Newman. NPR’s excellent religion reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty had a piece speculating that Newman was gay. I thought it a completely bizarre approach for the main story the news outlet chose to report on the man.

The piece itself acknowledges, eventually, that there’s no actual evidence for the claim. But that comes after the large point headline asks:

Was Cardinal John Henry Newman Gay?
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Dem Logo Gets Animated

Funny stuff from Moonbattery.

Ever on the cutting edge, Democrats even have an animated version of their stylish new logo:
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Top 5 Worst Christian Puppets Ever

I don't know if these are the WORST Christian puppets but they've got to be pretty close. Southern Fried Catholicism has the funny story:

In a relentless effort to find a silver lining in the dark cloud that passes (in some aging circles) for "relevance", we here at Southern-fried Catholicism hang our heads low and , once again, highlight some ridiculously low points in Christian art, architecture and culture. We hope you enjoy these forehead smackingly sad examples of Christians trying their darndest to be "with it."

Today, we present to you the Top Five Worst Christian Puppet Ideas. Ever.
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Prof: Hey Let's Make Carnivores Extinct

You've got to check this one out. A Philosophy professor argues in the New York Times that God is flawed because all animals aren't herbivores. And we should make all carnivores extinct to ease suffering.

Better enjoy the Lion King while you can. Flipper could also be gone soon. If a certain nutty professor has his way, all lions, dolphins, as well as all other carnivorous animals on this planet would be selected for controlled extinction for the "high crime" of eating meat and causing suffering in other animals. I kid you not.

In a long, rambling, seemingly endless opinion piece in the New York Times that comes off like a bizarre mixture of Dr. Strangelove and Professor Irwin Corey, Rutgers philosphy professor Jeff McMahan makes the case for playing God in the animal kingdom because of his assertion that God was flawed for allowing animal suffering in the wild
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ND 88 Update

The Thomas More Society reports:

Sparks flew in St. Joseph County Circuit Court yesterday as the Thomas More Society won several key victories against the prosecution in the case of the “ND88,” the individuals arrested in connection with the Obama Commencement at Notre Dame.

Thomas More Society special counsel, Tom Dixon, beat back efforts by the county prosecutor to force all defendants to return to South Bend one week prior to their trials, which the court denied, “in the interest of justice.” Dixon also defeated efforts by the prosecutor to deny each defendant their own individual jury trial by consolidating the defendants into a small number of trials.
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Teach the Children Well

Greenpeace's new video is creepy and kinda' crazy. RWN has the video and explains why it's important to watch:

This is what liberals are using their control of the media and education establishments to do to innocent children's minds:
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“The biggest cross of all people”

From Sheila Liaugminas

Christians understand the cross to represent the ultimate unity of all human beings. Many people don’t get that.

Christians in Lebanon want as many people as possible to at least see it, so they erected and illuminated what may be the largest cross in the world.

In the mountainous village of Qanat Bekish, a giant cross soaring over 73 meters in the air was constructed and lit up as a sign of unity among the world’s people.

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Academic: Chanting "USA" is Anti-Muslim

Wow. That's all I can say to this dweeb. Wow.

Academic at University of Illinois: The Students “Nativist Display” on 9/11 of Chanting “USA” at a Football Game is Offensive to Muslims…

Only academia breeds cesspool liberalism like this…
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Young Catholics Hearing the Call?

Hey, even the media is starting to realize that the media line about the Catholic Church dying is a bunch of hooey. Good piece from the Star Tribune:

The Rev. Joe Bambenek, who has a master's degree in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has an answer. He graduated from the St. Paul Seminary in May 2010, and is associate pastor at Nativity of Our Lord Church in St. Paul.

Bambenek suggests that disillusionment with today's culture of consumption and self-seeking is a powerful factor drawing young men and women to religious life
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Oh Good, They Invented Skynet!!!

A bunch of geeks at an ivy league school playing with robots and planting the seeds of destruction for our entire civilization. No big deal. Check out this vid at Viral Footage:

Quadrotor: One spooky, little drone! Skynet awakes!
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Street Cleaners? Really?

And you thought we were kidding with our satire piece yesterday on the main page. NBC fails to mention a few pretty important words in their story on the plot to kill the Pope:

MSNBC: “Street Cleaners” Behind Plot to Kill Pope, Words “Islam” and “Muslim” Not Mentioned in Article…

And what motive would “street cleaners” have for wanting to kill the head of the Catholic Church? Hmmm, it’s a mystery that can only be solved by reading a different news agency…
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The Pope in Westminster Abbey

Damian Thompson believes we witnessed something historic today:

How odd that it should be the Guardian that grasped the magnitude of what happened yesterday. Andrew Brown, religion editor of Comment is Free, and the possessor of an intellect as mighty and muddled as that of Rowan Williams, writes:
This was the end of the British Empire. In all the four centuries from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, England has been defined as a Protestant nation. The Catholics were the Other; sometimes violent terrorists and rebels, sometimes merely dirty immigrants. The sense that this was a nation specially blessed by God arose from a deeply anti-Catholic reading of the Bible. Yet it was central to English self-understanding when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 [sic], and swore to uphold the Protestant religion by law established.
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Simcha Fisher and the Pants Debacle

Few things have brought me more joy recently than Simcha Fisher's blog posts about pants and the ensuing firestorm in the combox. Ha. Some of the people in the combox are coming off a little...crazy. Not Simcha. Well, she seems a little crazy but in a really fun way that's not a danger to her neighbors. (Probably) I urge you to go to the blog's first post about pants, slog through the combox, laugh, be horrified, laugh some more, emerge, and scroll up for more madness. I must say that I just found her blog recently and love it.

Consider the following food for thought, and not a hard-and-fast directive. So in case you were under the bizarre impression that some random essay written by a layperson has some moral force, then rest at ease. I repeat, this is not a directive! But you better listen to me, or you’re going to hell.

Top ten reasons I wear pants
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There's a Bat in My Bed!!!!!

This one from Betty Duffy had me laughing:

I need to write this down, so that I can recognize how fun it really is that every fifty days or so, I am awakened in the middle of the night by a breeze blowing over my face and the blinds rustling on the window over our bed. I think maybe a storm is blowing in, so I reach over my head in a state of semi-sleep and shut the window. When the breeze continues to blow, I snap to alert, because I then know without a doubt that another bat has entered the house and is circling and diving over our bed, coming so close this time, as to nearly brush my nose.
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Urgent Prayer Request

Please say a prayer or two or a dozen for fellow Catholic blogger Phillip Johnson. I'll say a rosary tonight.

My MRI on Tuesday showed that my tumor continues to grow at a steady rate, so the doctors at NIH have stopped the treatment. There are no other trials at NIH that would be beneficial to me, so I will no longer be able to be treated there. The doctors are searching for any clinical trials in the country that they believe might be able to help, but there are none that they know of at this time.

The last option is to be treated every two weeks with an intravenous drug called "Avastin" which generally stops tumor growth for a few months, but there are no other options after Avastin.
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Oops! Muslims Burn Pretend Christian School

Here's a big oops story from Weasel Zippers:


A mob of Muslim radicals have tried to burn a school with a Christian name (St. Francis School), unaware that it is governed by Muslim and Christian in name only. The police managed to stop the arsonists, but fired into the crowd, killing four people and wounding 19. Christian leaders say “these people are being manipulated.
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Philly Sportswriter to Become Priest

44 has a great story on a sportswriter's decision to become a priest:

Kevin Mulligan has played countless golf courses. Always sure of his ability to strike the ball well or choose the right club. Never afraid of sand bunkers or fairway roughs in which the ball might lie. Confident that on a course, he’s never alone.

But it was Good Friday evening of 2008, and he was playing an unfamiliar course. This wasn’t a game at all. Golf was merely an analogy for what was happening in his life.
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Media Obsessed With O'Donnell and Sex

The media's obsession with Christine O'Donnell and sex is disgusting and hopefully more liberals like Kirsten Powers will call them on it.

Kirsten Powers gets it. Once again, the mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere -- including liberal feminists -- are sexualizing a conservative female candidate. They obsessed over Sarah Palin's breast size, and now they are obsessing over whether Christine O'Donnell masterbates and has had sex.

Here is Powers' tweet:
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Gasp! O'Donnell Against Co-Ed Dorms?!

Stacy McCain writes about how the libs are mocking Christine O'Donnell because she's against co-ed dorms:

Yesterday, I took notice of Rachel Maddow’s snide attack on Christine O’Donnell for having had the temerity to say, in 1996, that masturbation violates biblical injunctions against lust. It goes without saying that Maddow is heedless of biblical injunctions (e.g., Romans 1:18-32), as is her right in a free society, yet what struck me was the MSNBC hostess’s easy assumption that every viewer shared her disdain.
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Game Over Man! The Dems Decimated Us!

I got a laugh out of this one by John Hawkins.

Conservatives should be proud of what we've accomplished so far. We fought city hall, we spoke the truth to power, we did what we could. But, let's face it: We knew the Democrats weren't just going to sit there and take it. We knew they were going to fight back.

Yesterday, like an ominous, dark cloud advancing before a cybernetic MUDERSTORM, the Democrats let us know it was coming,
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From Lifelong Atheist to Orthodox Catholic

Jen F.'s great conversion story on audio. Check it out:

Thursday night I was honored to be asked to share my conversion story with the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) group at St. Elizabeth’s parish here in central Texas. I wanted listeners to be able to take something away that they could apply to their own lives, so I wove in seven lessons I learned about the conversion process. Click here to view the handout I gave to attendees (PDF). It includes a list of my seven lessons, as well as a page of recommended reading.
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Planned Parenthood Shocked by Dead Baby?

Imagine how shocked they'd be if they found a live baby. Danielle Bean has the story:

Apparently, the body of a newborn baby girl was found on the doorstep of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Winston-Salem, NC over the weekend.

Testing confirms that this baby Jane Doe was born alive, and some think that she might have been left on the steps in a mistaken attempt to make use the NC infant abandonment laws which allow for infants to be left at “safe” locations and taken into custody of the state with no questions asked. These laws are meant to protect the lives of newborn babies born to frightened teens or unstable mothers of any kind. There are no legal consequences for abandoning a 7-day-old or younger infant at one of these centers.
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Sears Pulls "Gotcha" Shirts With WTC Pic

I can't even imagine the form of stupidity in Sears to even consider putting a shirt like this up for sale, never mind actually doing it. Totally offensive and dumb.


What were they thinking?

That was the question on the minds of customers at a Sears store in Kansas City, Mo., after discovering a collection of T-shirts depicting images of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers with the word “Gotcha” emblazoned across them.
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You Mean Karl Rove Can't Be Trusted?

Big Government Republican Karl Rove went after Christine O'Donnell last night. Warner Todd Huston believes the veracity of Rove's analysis is suspect:

During Delaware’s primary night Karl Rove was one of the analysts that sat with Sean Hannity on Fox News hashing out the results of the polls in several states. During his comments on Delaware’s winning candidate Christine O'Donnell, Rove eviscerated her as a loser even as she had just won the primary.

Rove claimed that O'Donnell is "nutty" and came straight out saying that O'Donnell cannot win the election in November.
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"Liveable Communities" Should Scare You

Adrienne believes the term "liveable community" should scare you as much as "Obamacare." Check her out because she's been all over this issue like ugly on an ape:

Senator Dodd introduced this bill to enforce UN Agenda 21. I've brought up Agenda 21 in the past here and here. In one of those posts I suggested that Agenda 21 was almost as dangerous as Obamacare. In actuality they are both equally dangerous.

One of the best articles on this whole debacle remains New World Order Rising? Thoughts on the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development by Steven Yates and I urge you to read it. In fact you may want to print it out and go through it with a yellow highlighter.
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Father Hewes on 9-11

Father Hewes on 9-11:

This weekend marks the ninth anniversary of the events we have come to call ―9-11‖.
I would imagine very few of us who were alive and capable of memory will forget that day. As for earlier genera-tions, and for those of us with long memories and/or a sense of history, September 11, 2001 is December 7, 1941 AND November 22, 1963. All in one: a ―day of infamy and a day of immediate televised shock and tears on one splendidly clear, beautiful, blue-skied day.

By the end of it, the awful shock of it sank in amidst fear, fire and smoke: thousands of our fellow citizens and visitors had vanished in a moment, ―in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. Victims of a murderous religious fanaticism that most Americans assumed belonged to the past and to other lands. Unbearable, poignant cell phone calls, Nine-One-One operators telling a caller to ―say your prayers; men and women facing no human hope of rescue, abandoning themselves to the air; heroic civilians aiding one another down dark stairs; heroic firefighters making their (in retrospect) doomed way up those stairs in answer to a call of duty, in some cases three generations old; innocent passengers on three planes along with heroic combative ones on another: all gone in that evil long feared and prayed against in our ancient Litany of the Saints: the subitanea et improvisa morte, the ―sudden and unprovided death.
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Museum of Divine Statues

Now this is an interesting story from the Canton Rep:

Lou McClung’s past life as a handyman, and his present career as a photographer, makeup artist and manufacturer, were perfect preparation for his future as a curator of an unusual museum.

The owner of Lusso Studio and Lusso Statuary recently purchased a decommissioned church, 104-year-old St. Hedwig at 12903 Madison Ave., which will serve as the Museum of Divine Statues.

McClung said his mission to rescue religious statues, many of which come from parishes closed recently by the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, will help ensure the history of those churches.

Several statues — many more than a century old — were in great need of cleaning and repair. Stuffed in closets, storage rooms and choir lofts, some pieces fell victim to a push for modernism in the 1960s and 1970s.
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Did Hawking Prove God's Existence?

An interesting read at Pajamas Media on what Hawking had to ignore:

In 1966, Stephen Hawking published his first — completely valid — proof for the existence of God. Over the next seven years, he followed this with even more powerful valid theorems proving God’s existence.

So how did Hawking, who successfully proved God’s existence, remain an atheist? Simple. He simply denied that the assumptions he used in his proofs were true. As a matter of logic, if the assumptions in a proof are not true, then the conclusions need not be true. What assumptions did the young Hawking make? He assumed that the laws of physics, mainly Einstein’s theory of gravity, were true. In the summary of his early research, namely his book The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time, Hawking wrote:

It seems to be a good principle that the prediction of [God] by a physical theory indicates that the theory has broken down, i.e. it no longer provides a correct description of observations.

Hawking then began working on quantum gravity, in hopes that God would be at last eliminated from the equations. Alas, it was not to be: God was even more prominent — and unavoidable — in quantum gravity than in Einstein’s theory of gravity.
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Archbishop Sheen on Antiques Roadshow

Great story from Vive Christus Rex:

I joke with my wife I know I am getting old because I am finding myself watching the Antique Road Show more and more. Just a few years back my preference was watching contestants eat live scorpions on Fear Factor, but with the demands of 4 children I now need a more peaceful intake of viewing on my down time.
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Italy to UN: Hey, Have You Noticed Islamic Countries Don't Treat Christians Very Well

You mean, Islamic countries aren't all that nice to Christians? My money's on the U.N. ignoring this one. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Thank you, Italy…

ROME (AFP)– Italy will present a resolution on the protection of religious minorities at the next United Nations’ general assembly, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said on Monday.

“Freedom of religion is a principle that applies to every religion,” Frattini said after meeting in Rome with Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s minister for minorities, a Catholic.

“We are greatly concerned by the persecution of Christians in many countries around the world,” Frattini said.
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Sorry Single Ladies, He's Off the Market

Hmmmmm....they started dating the day after the jury awarded him millions? I say again "Hmmmmmmm....."

Rodney King, the victim of a 1991 beating by Los Angeles police that sparked race riots, is marrying one of the jurors who awarded him a multi-million dollar settlement, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.
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Why Do Catholics Worship Graven Images?

A good answer from Reverend Know-It-All to a question asked often.

Dear Rev. Know it all,

The Bible is clear. NO GRAVEN IMAGES. (Exodus 20:2-17) "You shall not make for yourself an idol.... You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God." And Deuteronomy 5:6-21 says exactly the same thing. The Catholic have neatly tucked this second commandment into the first so people won't notice it. What do you have to say about that?
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Government Lobbying Government

This is how the system is set up now. Smaller governments spend taxpayer money on lobbying larger government organizations to give them back their money they just spent lobbying them. Sickness. RWN has the story:

Illinois, like many states, is broke. Its credit is even worse than that of California and its highly publicized financial quagmire. In such a fiscal environment, taxpayers are rightfully demanding that governments tighten up and are increasingly zealous about ensuring that money is spent productively. One way in which they may be surprised to find that local Illinois governments, along with those all over the country, collectively waste millions of dollars is by lobbying other governments for handouts.
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Major Upset Alert

Pro-life conservative Christine O'Donnell may have just taken the lead over RINO Mike Castle. (This happened just days after Palin endorsed her, mind you.) The Corner has the story:

Christine O’Donnell is surging in Delaware:

It looks like there’s a real possibility of a major upset in the Delaware Senate primary on Tuesday night, with insurgent conservative Christine O’Donnell leading longtime Congressman and Governor Mike Castle 47-44. That 3 point lead is well within the poll’s margin of error.
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Must See Graphic

Because...you know...Planned Parenthood isn't all about abortion. Right?

Planned Parenthood continually tries to downplay how much of their total “business” per year is performing abortions. One of the ways they try to accomplish this is by mentioning how many adoptions and prenatal services they provide. I think this graphic helps put their claims into context (2008 is the most recent year they’ve reported the number of abortions, adoptions and prenatal services performed):
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We've Got Karoline

This is a beautiful moment. Thanks to Elizabeth Foss for sharing it:

On Friday afternoon, just before about a million people descended upon our house to wish Paddy farewell, Mike called a family meeting. The purpose, he explained, was to talk about how we were feeling with the whirlwind events leading up to Patrick's departure. We wanted to make sure that the little ones understood that he was going and that contact would be limited and they wouldn't see him for several months. Mike started with Karoline:
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Oh No! Not Polka Mass!

Oh No! Badger Catholic has pictures of the Polka Mass. Well, I guess I should just be grateful he doesn't have video:

I hate to offend... well not really... but I think it would be better to be shot than to have to sit through the aptly named Polka Mass. Instead of Holy Mass we now have a Polka Mass. So where did this kind of nonsense come from? I know this is hard to believe, but this invention came strait out of the roaring 1970s.
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Amy Watches Hitchens "Debate"

I love the idea of public debates. I really do. But when you go to these things you almost never get a debate. Amy Welborn went to see Christopher Hitchens debate. Her thoughts:

A quick post.

(I think next week I will be moving back into more regular blogging. I just finshed another stage of a large project which has occupied me mentally and spiritually for quite some time – as in over a year. So I’m ready for some shorter-term brain exercise.)

As you can tell from that last post, I attended a “debate” that was held here on Wednesday night between David Berlinski and Christopher Hitchens.
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Criticize Obamcare? Pay the Price

Thuggery 101:

President Barack Obama’s top health official on Thursday warned the insurance industry that the administration won’t tolerate blaming premium hikes on the new health overhaul law.

“There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a letter to the insurance lobby.
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Obama Sucks So Much He Is A Hoover!

Jonah Goldberg

‘Worst president since Hoover.”

Democrats have said this at one point or another about every Republican president since, well, Herbert Hoover. That’s because Democrats have been waiting for the resurrection of FDR like a cargo cult waiting for one last plane that never comes.

Such wishful thinking rarely pays off. History just doesn’t work like that. Lucy will always yank the football away from the Charlie Browns who think history will repeat itself perfectly. Fate, providence — whatever you want to call it — has a better sense of humor than that.

Which is why I’m beginning to think Barack Obama isn’t the next FDR — as so many promised — but the next Hoover.

The creation myth of the modern Democratic party...

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Preachiest, Barfiest TV Ad Ever

Hilarious. Sickening. Worrying. Laughable. You've got to see this commercial to believe it. How enviro-preachy can you get? Right Wing News has the commercial:

I must say, when I am watching football (or hockey or baseball), there are certain commercials that I do not want to see, things that just do not go, such as feminine hygiene products, political ads, and preachy "buy this or you're a terrible person" crap. And what were we treated to during the Saints-Vikings game? (I'm not responsible for the loss of your breakfast)
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Double Standards in America

Some rather clever common sense about double standards in America at Les Femmes:

The opinion column below was originally printed in the Iosco County MI News Herald on June 9, 2010. It's been circulating on the Internet and is a brilliant comparison of issues. If you go here you can see the column and the comments. I think Tuber has put his finger on the pulse of the country. He illustrates the hypocrisy and double standard that has polluted not only the body politic, but our social discourse. How can you hold civil conversations between those who advocate killing babies and those who want to protect them. How do you reach agreement between those who want to teach teens homosexual sex practices and those who tell them "true love waits." We either restore the moral compass of America or we fade into the same oblivion as pagan Rome, if not the annhilation of Sodom and Gomorrah.
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Fitness and Fidelity

Cool video of public display of fitness and fidelity. Check out Running with the Saints:

On Sunday July 25 2010 about 60 men of the parish "ran with the saints" as the high point for the parish's two day fiesta in honor of Saint Anne. There were two biers, one for St. Michael and one for Saint Anne. They weighed 400 and 350 pounds respectively. Eight men carried the bier itself while others on the team jogged nearby ready for their turn.
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Ha! Blogger to Burn NCReporter

LarryD cracks me up with this one:

A little-known central Kansas Catholic blogger has announced that he will burn a copy of the National Catholic Reporter on his front lawn on Monday September 13, the Memorial of St John Chrysostom.

Renfrew Dachs, who blogs at 'Orthodachs Review', announced on Labor Day his intention to set fire to the most recent issue of the left-leaning paper. As he wrote on his blog:

"It is time to expose this publication for what it is. It is a heterodox publication that is trying to masquerade as a Catholic publication, seeking to deceive many within the Church."
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You'll Never See This on the News

Incredibly moving video at Big Journalism:

As everyone except the left knows and understands, the U.S. military is representative of the finest elements of American society, but you’d never know it from the attitude of the scared-of-inanimate-objects MSM, who have never picked up a gun, served in the armed forces, grown up in the military, or have the slightest idea what sort of people we ask to stand on the wall, keeping watch against the terrors of the night.

So that’s why they should watch this:
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First the Mythology, Then the Details

Simcha Fisher tells us how she teaches her children history. Great piece:

In discussing history with my older kids, I always try to hammer home the following point: when someone tells you that this or that issue is perfectly simple, then that person is either stupid or lying.

Here’s a satisfying case in point: a recent Salon article (h/t to Kevin James) reminds us that, despite what renowned scholar Dan “I know how to type” Brown tells us, it wasn’t the mean old misogynistic Church who led those infamous European witch hunts. More reliable sources show that women were accused of, tortured and killed for witchcraft because of “squabbles among neighbors, resentments within families, disagreeable local characters, the machinations of small-time politicians and the creepy psychosexual fixations of magistrates and clerics.”
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Jesuit vs. Paganism

Good Jesuit/Bad Jesuit has this disturbing story:

A Catholic priest in Gujarat has appealed religious leaders to help people protect girl children following the news of a father scarifying his own newborn girl to propitiate family deity. “Religious leaders, be it Christian, Muslim, Hindu or others,” must provide their followers “with the necessary attitude and courage to save and celebrate the girl child,” says Jesuit right activist Father Cedric Prakash. His appeal came after news reports said police on Sept. 7 arrested a man in Gujarat for scarifying his newborn girl to propitiate his family deity.
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Curt Jester vs. Hawking

The Curt Jester vs. Stephen Hawking. My money's on Jester. Everytime:

Much as been said about Stephen Hawking’s new book “The Great Design” and that he basically says the universe does not need God to exist. In his new book he writes a detailed explanation of his new equation proving that indeed matter can come from nothing. Forget ex nihilo nihil fit since his equation indeed shows that out of nothing matter can spontaneously arise. Hard to argue with the mathematical proofs he provided and of course as a brilliant physicist he would use the scientific method to prove his case. Someone devoted to science as he is wouldn’t venture into philosophy to make his case.

Oh wait – that is what he did.
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Great Vid! Girls With Glasses

You should check out the vid that Danielle Bean put up. Entertaining and funny and the point is right on:

Have you met The Girls With Glasses?

This super-cute pair of young women is taking aim at media standards for female “success stories”—with a rare blend of humor and class.

In the video above, we see Brooke (Yes! Brooke White from American Idol!) and Summer learning the ropes of producing a successful reality television show. Cat fights, train wrecks, and foul language ensue. No, really. You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean.
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Time Mag to Obama: Don't Go to Church

You know, I'm starting to think that Time Magazine might not be crazy about Christianity:

Time executive editor Nancy Gibbs, the writer of many ridiculously gooey leg-thrill sentences about Democratic politicians, is now begging President Obama to avoid going to church -- it's "The Piety Trap." Her headline continues: "Sure, we want to know what a president believes in...but that doesn't always mean he should tell us." Obama is much more likely to end up in a sand trap than a piety trap on Sundays, but Gibbs doesn't want him to go to church anyway:

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2010/09/08/time-editor-obama-dont-go-church-its-piety-trap#ixzz0yxS8Kn4LContinue reading>>>

Are They Worth It?

Check out the vid at Leticia's place:

So many before have said that people who are not perfect, blonde, Aryan, politically correct, intelligent, white, are life unworthy of life. Now we ask you; if people with 47 chromosomes are worth the time, funds and effort to research new treatments to help them think more clearly, and live more independently.
This person says a resounding, "YES"!
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Race Hustling Doesn't Pay

Awww. Al Sharpton can't pay his bills.

Some "Summer of recovery." Al Sharpton is one of America's most successful shakedown artists and even he can't pay his bills.

An accounting firm hired by Al Sharpton's National Action Network found the civil-rights group in such financial disarray that it flunked its record-keeping -- and may not even survive, The Post has learned.

...The audit, which was submitted to NAN's board of directors, warned, "These circumstances create substantial doubt about the organization's ability to continue."

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Allahu Akbar on a Catholic Cathedral?

Weasel Zippers has the story:

A Muslim stonemason in France has been immortalised by having his face carved on a gargoyle on the side of the medieval cathedral in Lyon. Ahmed Benzizine – a 59-year-old master mason who worked on the renovation – was used as a model for the carving.

Next to it is an inscription in Arabic and French which reads: Allahu Akbar, God is Great.
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Conservatives for Gay Marriage

Adrienne has some required reading for conservatives for gay marriage:

Lately we've seen a rash of self-proclaimed conservatives, including Glenn Beck, who are stating they have no objection to same-sex "marriage." These folks claim it won't change their marriage if two guys or two gals tie the knot and perhaps it's time for the government to get out of the marriage business.
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Kresta on The Firing of Pro-Life ND Official

Al Kresta talks about the firing of the only senior administration official to oppose Obama's appearance at Notre Dame:

Citing “restructuring,” the University of Notre Dame has fired Bill Kirk from his position as associate vice president for residence life. David Solomon, a university philosophy professor and the founder and director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, linked the firing to Kirk’s public opposition to the university’s decision to award President Barack Obama an honorary degree in 2009. Kirk worked for the university for almost 22 years.
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Church Helps Mother of 11

A beautiful story about why it's important to sometimes actually ask for help:

Call it divine intervention or maybe even a God wink. As for Kristin Bothur and her 11 children, well, they call it a miracle.

Kristin Bothur says trouble hit the large family right after her husband walked out. A short time later, her 3 bedroom home in Columbia was in foreclosure and she couldn't find an affordable place for her family to live.

"I didn't want to tell my closest friends because they all thought we were living the perfect life, with the perfect marriage, and perfect children," said Bothur.
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Santorum, the Un-JFK?

I'm a Rick Santorum fan and I look forward to hearing what he has to say in contrast to JFK's speech about his faith. The American Catholic has more:

This Thursday (September 9th) will see former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) come to my campus, the University of St. Thomas-Houston. Santorum is set to give an address on the role of Faith and Public Life. It is quite clear that this address is merely a precursor to a 2012 presidential run and thus it will be a highly politicized speech, as was JFK’s speech on Faith in the Public Square 50 years ago. Nonetheless, I am curious to hear what Santorum has to say. I promise to provide a recap of the address for this blog sometime next weekend, so stay tuned.
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Ya' Gotta' See This Newsweek

Wasn't Newsweek just sold for a dollar. Well, it was too high. Newsweek is in full defense mode for Dear Leader. RWN has the story:

Our maddening times demand that the truth be forthrightly stated at the outset, and not just that the president has nothing in common with the fhrer beyond the possession of a dog. The outlandish stories about Barack Hussein Obama are simply false: he wasn’t born outside the United States (the tabloid “proof” has been debunked as a crude forgery); he has never been a Muslim (he was raised by an atheist and became a practicing Christian in his 20s); his policies are not “socialist” (he explicitly rejected advice to nationalize the banks and wants the government out of General Motors and Chrysler as quickly as possible); he is not a “warmonger”
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Hey, Let's Sterilize the Unfit

Father John Flynn on sterilization making a comeback:

A British sociologist recently argued that "unfit" people should be sterilized as they are not capable of bringing up children in a responsible way.

Professor David Marsland, who holds academic positions at Brunel University, London, and the University of Buckingham, made his comments Aug. 26 on the BBC Radio 4 series Iconoclasts. The program is presented as a place to "think the unthinkable."

According to Marsland, the unfit include drug addicts, alcoholics and people with psychological problems. They should be permanently sterilized as a way to prevent child neglect and abuse, he stated.
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Bringing Cell Phones to Mass?

That Marcel is a clever dude. Many people attend Mass but don't register there. Problem solved:

St. Mary's Catholic Center has noticed through the years the challenge of trying to get our student population to register with us. Thus, we rolled out an initiative last year which has never been tried at any other church - at least I have never heard of another church doing something even close. We stream-lined the process this year and made it even better.
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Why Taylor Swift Matters

Doesn't everyone love a good love story? Maybe not.

At the feminist blog Feministing, commenter Chloe recently confessed that she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift's music now and then, even if it's what she calls "an un-feminist guilty pleasure."

What exactly makes Swift's music "un-feminist"? Why, it's the misogynist love-story lyrics, of course. Specifically, the lyrics to Swift's newest hit, Mine, are scary stuff. They're full of dangerous woman-hating, man-loving nonsense -- at least according to...

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MSM on Female Ordination

Mollie of Get Religion dissects a news article on the "Catholic" church ordaining a woman:

Is there something about non-Roman Catholic churches ordaining women that makes all journalism skills fly out the window? I’m pretty sure there is some ridiculously high correlation between ordinations of women who are not Roman Catholic and poorly written stories about said ordinations. Here’s yet another example, this one from the Arizona Republic: “Catholic church ordains woman as priest.”
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Senate in Play?

Pundette asks if the Senate is in play:

Charlie Cook says yes:

For much of this year, it seemed a near mathematical impossibility that Republicans could score the 10-seat net gain needed to flip the Senate, which is split between 59 Democrats (including two independents who caucus with Democrats and largely vote with the party) and 41 Republicans. As recently as six weeks ago, I wrote in a CongressDailyAM column that a GOP win was "certainly possible" but "still fairly unlikely." Although the "fairly unlikely" part is still valid, the possibility of a GOP takeover is growing.
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Abortion and Men

Raymond D'Souza has a video on men regretting their abortion at Catholic Fire. Check it out.
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Scariest $$ Chart for Parents Ever

Phi Beta Cons has a graphic you might want to see if you're worried about affording college for your children:

. . . money burnt, and just more trouble.

There’s been a lot of talk about the higher-education bubble. But this chart is worth a thousand words (or more):
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We Beaming Up or Is This A Beatification?

Taylor Marshall isn't impressed with the setting for John Henry Newman's beatification. Check out the pic:

I love John Henry Newman and I have been looking forward to his beatification. Today, the "stage" for his beatification was revealed. See photo above.

Can it be? It is so sad. Is this the Catholic Church or the set for Star Trek?
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Professor Calls for Forced Sterilization

Right Wing News has the story:

After Germans got carried away applying progressive ideology to the Jewish Question, the movement has backed away from eugenics, limiting its genocidal proclivities to the aggressive promotion of abortion. But to this day, if you scratch a liberal (as progressives now call themselves), you will often find a Nazi. For example, Professor David Marsland wants to save the children by preventing them from existing:
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She Met Me Where I Was

A great piece at Betty Beguiles about how you never know who you're affecting so act accordingly:

It was 1999. I was twenty years old and sitting in a hotel room at a spa in Calistoga, California. I no longer viewed Christianity and Christians with derision (a recent development due solely to my having fallen in love with a boy who held such things in high esteem), but I still could not see how it or they were remotely applicable to my life.

While absentmindedly flipping through the channels of the hotel room television I happened upon an adorably dressed Rockabilly chick. She was seated in a nondescript room talking about something with some guy. The substance of their conversation is not what caught my attention, though. Truth be told, it was her trendy clothes and cute hairstyle that prompted me to pause on that particular channel.
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Catholics in Alliance Kaput?

Jack Smith at the Catholic Key wonders if a liberal Catholic group has gone the way of the dodo. Pssst...it looks like it has:

This blog has had at least a dozen posts on the background and doings of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good over the last couple years, but this may be the last (let’s hope). It appears they are out of business. Let’s consider the evidence:
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Is Natural Always Good?

Good piece from the American Catholic on how natural has come to mean "good" and that's bad:

One of the claims to which people seem peculiarly susceptible at the moment is that if something is “natural”, it must be good. “Natural” foods are believed to be uniformly healthy. The finding that some particular behavior (say, polyamory) is found in nature is taken to be some sign that it is a good thing.
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Gunman: Halt Parasitic Human Infants

A tragic situation. I don't want to make any "point" about this but it should be noted that the gunman was anti-infant. I pass it along because I'm pretty sure you won't see that reported very much in the media:

Chaos erupted after at least one hostage was taken at the Silver Spring headquarters of the Discovery Channel by what appears to be a crazed radical environmentalist.

The armed man has reportedly demanded that Discovery Channel executives run programming geared toward stopping the propagation of "parasitic human infants" in order to save the planet from global warming and pollution.
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A Former Abortionist Gives Witness

Very disturbing, sad and hopeful video at Coming Home:

There are none so qualified to speak about what goes on in an abortion ‘clinic’ than those who have performed the abortions. We pray for this doctor, for the layers of healing she will undergo as time goes on–and we thank her for her courageous witness to the truth.
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Animal Rights Nuts Free 50,000 Minks

Van Helsing has the story:

Righteous guardians of animal welfare have struck again:

Police say break-ins at two fur farms have set more than 50,000 minks on the loose in northern Greece. Now the 50,000 minks can live happily ever after. Or maybe not:

The National Fur Breeders' Association says most of the released animals are likely to die in the late-August heat. It says the cost to the farm owners could pass euro1 million ($1.27 million).
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