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Teacher's Union Endangers Kids

Sickening. You'd think denying children a good education would be enough for the unions but now they don't want teachers trained to save children's lives because it might cost the union some jobs. Warner Todd Huston has the story and video:

Reason Magazine explores the appalling situation in California where teachers unions were able to strongarm the legislature to deny teacher training for the use of Diastat, an anti-seizure drug meant to keep kids afflicted with epileptic conditions from dying in school.

The drug has been approved by the federal government to be administered by non-medical personnel through the delivery system approved and widely distributed, but teachers unions opposed this safe delivery system and the brief teacher training program. The unions claimed it was because they were trying to make sure that kids were "safe," but the real reason is that the unions were just trying to increase the number of union member's jobs in schools. Far from helping save kid's live, the unions were trying to create jobs for themselves.
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