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Great stuff from Sherry Antonetti:

Last week at breakfast, my daughter began tattling to me about her brother who also happened to be sitting across from me. Naturally, her brother reciprocated. "She's putting on too much butter." "He poured chocolate syrup in his milk." "She took an extra piece of toast. You're only supposed to have two." "He's telling on me." "She kicked her foot under the table." "He made a mean look." No one actually waited for me to respond. I thought I'd nipped it in the bud with a classic Mom glare over my cheerios but no, as soon as breakfast was over it started up again.

"Mommmmmm, I wanted to play the Wii and he took the remote."
"Mommmmmm, she wants to play the Wii and we're supposed to do our math before we have screen time."
"Mommmmmm, he's trying to pretend he's the parent."
"Mommmmmm, tell her I'm right."
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