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Stallone Loves America

Stallone's answer is right on. Check out Big Hollywood:

Thanks to commenter ScottDS for bringing this to our attention. From a series of Q&As Stallone is doing over at AICN, we’ll start with a question asked by a fan, a question many of us have been asking for nearly a decade now:

BRIAN: So now my question. As I grow older one of the major things I enjoy about the 80’s action films are their high level of optimism about America and its place in the world. Whether it was Rambo 2, Rambo 3, Rocky 4, Red Dawn, etc. they made American’s feel invincible (and a bit cocky) but also proud of whom we are. The unbelievably ripped action heroes were a great physical manifestation of who we were as a nation. Post 9/11 I think many would love to feel that way again as we have transitioned from the great action heroes to action stars such as Matt Damon, Nic Cage, and Tom Cruise. All great actors but I can’t buy them as action heroes. Movies today seem to have the opposite effect and are focused too much on our flaws as nation and our failed foreign policy (Avatar, Green Zone).
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