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Seattle Passes Out Free Crack Pipes

Wow. If any part of you, even the tiniest part of you doesn't belive Big Government is way out of control just read this story at Moonbattery about one state passing out free crack pipes:

What economic crisis? Bureaucrats are floating in so much of our money, in Seattle they are passing out free crack pipes to drug fiends:

For more than 20 years, local heroin addicts have relied on a collection of needle exchanges for clean works. But in recent months, crack users too have quietly found an outlet in the city.
In a nondescript alley in the University District, users can pick up clean crack pipes, pipe filters and ascorbic acid for injecting crack.

Don't try opening a lemonade stand in the moonbattery-ravaged Pacific Northwest, but if you want to inject crack cocaine, Big Government is there to help.
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Anonymous said...

My son lived homeless on the street of Seattle last summer. He told me that they also passed out free meth. He realized that if he was going to survive, he needed to get out of Seattle.

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