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NY Times Fears Tea Partiers

While you may have thought that the NY Times looked down their nose at Tea Party types, well it turns out that they're actually scared to death of them:

The New York Times sent Mattathias Schwartz to find out what was going on at Jack Dailey's firearms training camps across the country and what he found apparently made the writer fear that America was going to the lily white, revolutionary, tea party dogs.

Schwartz went to learn about Jack Dailey's Appleseed Project firearms marksmanship training camps and what he found were folks of "uniformly white skin" whose ideas were influenced by those "motley carnivals of the Tea Party movement." And apparently Schwartz fears that they all want to institute a violent revolution in America. Yes, it's all about those scary "militias" despite that the Appleseed Project has no connection to any.
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