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Lefty: Christianity is White Man's Religion

This is just wild stuff. A white liberal is telling a black conservatives that he's adopting the "white man's religion." Oh my. But the black Tea Partiers don't let him off easy. Definitely worth watching the video.

From yesterday’s Beck rally. The first half is one of the black tea partiers schooling a black Democrat who questioned why they were there. The second half (1:32 mark is when you’ll hear the headline quote) is when the white guy jumps into the fray…
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Mack said...

Poor, benighted Mr. Lefty never heard of St. Augustine and the many other African saints, or Ethiopia, Egypt, Cyrenacia, and other African states / kingdoms / principalities which were Christian early on.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Lefty guy is silly. However, his silliness is partially occasioned by the Tea Partier's own arguments: telling people they'll never vote Democrat because, historically, Democrats were pro-slavery. If we accept this as a perfectly natural and sound system of thought, then the claim "Christianity is the white man's religion" doesn't seem so far out of left field.

Of course the claim is still historical and theological bunk, but there it is. Likewise, there are plenty of reasons to be anti-Democrat today--but the fact that it was the pro-slavery party 150 years ago probably isn't one of them.

Mack said...

You're right, Anonymous, but I think the point of employing the race card is as a much-needed reminder of reality since the Republicans are the victims of a Stalinist Big Lie in the matter of race relations.

But then, I'm easily distracted by bright, shiny objects.

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