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Judges Prop 8 Ruling Slams Pope

Weasel Zippers reports on Judge Vaugn Walker's ruling where he believes that the writings of Pope Benedict XVI are harmful to gays:

Judicial activism 101…

SAN FRANCISCO, California, August 9, 2010 — In the 136-page ruling overturning California’s ban on “gay marriage,” Judge Vaughn Walker cites a document signed by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, to show that “religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful” can “harm gays and lesbians.”
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John Hetman said...

Judge Walker scored big time for abetting moral depravity in this country beyond its already Sodomic pervasiveness. At the least, in the interest of ethics, he should have recused himself as having an intimate investment in homosexual issues. That he didn't speaks volumes to his true lack of character.

Amy said...

So, please tell me how Walker didn't set up a great precedent to force churches to either except gay "marriage" or close up shop?

Here come the lawsuits.

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