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Jimmy Gets His Geek On

The estimable Jimmy Akin brings the full weight of his intellect to one of the most thorny issues facing mankind. The Space Time Continuum.

No matter how much fun it is, Back to the Future is one of those movies that treats time travel in a really silly way. That's not too bad since it is, of course, a comedy, but some things in it detract from even the suspension of disbelief needed for a comedy. The siblings disappearing from the photograph one body part at a time is an example.

There is one thing, though, that the film gets quite right: When Marty McFly gets back to 1985, having "repaired" the timeline by getting his parents back together, his life is not exactly as he left it. His parents now have a happy marriage, his siblings aren't losers any more, Biff no longer dominates his father, and Twin Pine Mall has become Lone Pine Mall (because Marty ran over one of the pines in 1955).

This is all as it should be. The past is a complex system, and...

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