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Great! Steele Threatens to Sue Republican

Just so it's on the record, CMR was against Steele becoming head of the GOP before he actually became head of the party. Steele is now (through channels) threatening to sue a GOP official who has publicly asked questions about "unreported debt" during Steele's tenure:

The vicious infighting at the Republican National Committee escalated over the weekend, with an ally of RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele warning the party’s treasurer of legal consequences if he did not stop making a fuss over erroneous financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission.

New Mexico RNC member Patrick J. Rogers told Treasurer Randy Pullen on committee letterhead that his disclosures about millions of dollars in unreported debt “are covered by attorney-client privilege or the fiduciary requirements of corporate officers.”

At one point in his letter, Mr. Rogers, who is Mr. Steele’s appointee to the RNC’s powerful executive committee, tells Mr. Pullen that the “dissemination of sensitive information under the circumstances (as I understand them) appears problematic as a legal matter.”
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