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Gov't Workers Urged to Attend Sharpton Rally

Gateway Pundit has this disturbing story that government employees were urged to attend the Al Sharpton rally. The thing is that you know when you get one of those emails from work you're unsure if this is required or not. You're unsure if your job depends on you doing whatever the email says. The email might not say it but many people will play it safe:

And, you thought they only did things like this in tinpot dictatorships?
Obama’s top officials are now urging government employees to attend divisive and offensive anti-conservative rallies.
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Craig said...

Yeah, one email invitation is waaaay more disturbing than Fox freely promoting a rally 24/7 that was hosted by two Fox employees.


Anonymous said...


Fox is not the government. The two situations are entirely different.

bthomas said...

Ah... here's a idea. Let the heads of federal government agencies send e-mails to federal employees urging them to attend a Restore America rally. Meantime let FOX urge private citizens to attend a counter-rally conducted several blocks away, hosted by individuals closely identified with the demokratic party. That would be O.K.... right?.... Not!

Mike M said...


A political commentator hosting a rally is a sign of a healthy democracy. The government bullying its employees to attend is something entirely different.

David L Alexander said...

Guys, I'm a Federal worker. I live near, and work in, Washington DC. They CAN'T make Federal employees attend a political rally on their own time. They can't even make them do it on official time. To do either would be a violation of the Hatch Act. (Probably.) This was probably the action of a few overzealous mid-level Presidential appointees, who subsequently got taken out to the woodshed afterwords for a slap on the wrist.

Besides, most of them were at the other one. Trust me.

bthomas said...

You might be right. But, consider what would be the response of the msm if this had occurred under a Conservative Republican administration. In addition, is it remotely rational to think that the demokrats would not be setting up investigations to find out who knew what and when did they know it about this effort to manipulate federal workers into supporting a political rally? The only ones they will take to the "woodshed" are those who were not savvy enough to remember the prime directive of the current demokratic administration... "Conceal... cover-up... secret away" Their mantra is "Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod. And never put anything in an email."

Why are demokrat leaders so silent? Where is the protest? Perhaps it's not so complicated. In this instance, to publicize the matter would hurt demokrats and the administration. They've got enough problems in the fast approaching November elections. The msm is simply doing a little blocking as they try to advance their team down the field to the goal line. They understand a touchdown may not be possible. But they want to at least be in range of a punt. Publishing the news is not their priority. Their priority is the extremist left-wing socialist political agenda they share with the current regime in washington.

David L Alexander said...

"You might be right. But, consider what would be the response of the msm if this had occurred under a Conservative Republican administration."

Since we've already discredited the objectivity of the mainstream media in such fora as this, we can assume that such distinctions matter to them, but I hardly see where that would matter to us. Your response also gives these people more credit for organization skills than they really have. This wasn't about dream of Martin Luther King's dream, but about Al Sharpton's.

But there's more (and this speaks more to your point). Only a few hundred people attended the counter-rally. Thousands and thousands attended the "Restoring Honor" rally. Even the press could not ignore the disparity in numbers, and the larger event most certainly got more coverage.

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