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GlennBeck has a dream too….

An open letter to Glenn Beck:

Dear Glenn,

I want to thank you for your courage and for your faith in God that showed you the path of your vocation. Please know that there is one Catholic who will defend you and pray for you EVERYDAY…

I watched two movies this week to prepare for the Rally, (unfortunately could not attend live but participated live online) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with Jimmy Stewart and Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper. These characters are...

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Craig said...

One can only hope that Ms. Guerra's prayers will help reform the common huckster that is Glenn Beck.

Anonymous said...

Craig, What is it that you believe that Glenn is huckstering?

Faith in God? Honor?

How are those things bad, again?

Pax Christi of Bakersfield, CA said...

For sure he isn't huckstering anything that smells of the Culture of Death, with The Anointed One leading the way.

Craig said...

"What is it that you believe that Glenn is huckstering?"


Himself, of course!

bthomas said...

Very pleased with the Restore America rally. Very positive message. Every reasonable and rational persons would applaud the entire program. Note the only critical voices were several blocks away or else behind a msm desk. Beck is to be commended for his courage in setting up and following through with this event. Especially significant that it was done in washington. One can scarcely think of a more hostile venue. How remarkable to hear faith, hope, honor lifted up on a Saturday in washington? Attendance was outstanding, far beyond expectation. Every reasonable estimate indicates beyond 250,000. Very gratifying. Extremely surprised with attendance at Sharpton rally. Curious that no aerial photographs are available by which to make a valid comparison. Overwhelmingly racial tone disappointing and uninspiring. Very defeatist and partisan. Over all... sad. Indicates the direction of social and political trends in America. Very encouraging. Looking forward to November. America will speak loud and proud in the language of the ballot box. Not likely current administration will like what is said. But the message on that day will not depend on msm.

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