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From Homeschool to the Classroom

Simcha Fisher always has a great take on things. Today over at Faith and Family Live she writes about transitioning from homeschool to the classroom and really really long baths:

The best advice I got about homeschooling? Do it one year at a time. The whole enterprise was a lot less overwhelming once I realized that I wasn’t making some kind of 12-year vow. I was just teaching my kids at home that year, because it made sense that year. Next year? Who knows?

As it turned out, it made sense for five years. Then we did one year with two kids in private school and the rest at home. And this fall, my four oldest will go to a charter school, one will be in homeschool, and the three youngest will just be taking long, long baths all day. (Everyone asks me, “How do you do it?” Well, that’s how I do it: They take long, long baths.)
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