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Fr. Hewes on The Mosque and Religious Freedom

Father Hewes of New York's Saint Mathew's on the Ground Zero Mosque. It's a PDF so you have to scroll down a bit:

The issue of ―religious freedom‖ has been dominating the news lately due to the announcement that a Mus-
lim group has sought permission to take over an empty building in close proximity to the former World Trade
Center site (“Ground Zero”) and build a mosque and Islamic cultural center. Politicians, commentators, sur-
vivors and families of 9/11 have all weighed in.

Much has been made of the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of the exercise of religion, not only pri-
vately, but a presumed right to build a house of worship in nearly every place the religious group desires.
The President and the Mayor have taken the tack that any religious group has the right to practice their relig-
ion; hence any opposition to the proposed mosque is motivated by religious bigotry. The Mayor of New York
has been particularly loud in this approach.
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