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Fire The Abortionist at Mercy Hospital

American Papist wonders why an abortionist is working at a Catholic hospital:

Catholic hospitals should not keep abortionists on staff, but that’s what Mercy Regional Medical Center is doing.

PersonhoodUSA organized a protest and posted video from it to YouTube (there is a graphic photo of an aborted baby):
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Clinton said...

Some of the comments at the AP site, presumably
those with legal experience, explain that the Dr.
probably has a contract with Mercy Catholic.
If the hospital terminated the contract and removed
the Dr. from staff, it could be exposed to a lawsuit.

Does no part of the contract between this hospital
stipulate that a physician may be dismissed from
staff for actions inconsistent with the ideals of a
Catholic hospital? What does it take to be dismissed? If this association of 40 or so Catholic
hospitals cared one bit about maintaining ideals
that are recognizably Catholic, it would insist on
contracts with staff containing clauses that forbid
such acts by staff, on pain of dismissal.

As I mentioned at Mr. Peter's site, if that hospital
had discovered that one of its doctors on staff was
a neonazi, I doubt that in the ensuing media
storm it would continue to blandly assert that the
physician was staff, not an employee. Rather, the
hospital would find any means to rid itself of such
an embarrassment.

It is not believable that a Catholic hospital cannot
understand that the presence of an abortionist on
its staff is scandalous. I believe that the administration of this hospital does understand,
they just don't care.

John Hetman said...

The Sisters of Mercy are one of the sundry aging women religious orders that seem to be very confused about the meanings of orthodoxy and Magisterium. They are in great need of strong personal interventions in these and other matters.

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