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Dude. Seriously?

Jen F. has a way of chrystallizing great theological concepts to little brilliant nuggests like "Dude! Seriously?" Check it out:

I made an early-morning holy hour a couple weeks ago. The stars were still out when I pulled into the Adoration chapel's parking lot, but the first row was almost full; there was only one space left.

When I walked into the entry hall I was deeply moved, as I always am, to see that the sign-in registry was full all through the night. The Lord is never left alone; weekends, weekdays, holidays, the middle of the night during a bad storm -- someone is always there with him. Each hour has at least one committed "adorer" in addition to any visitors who stop in, and then there are coordinators who are on call 24/7 to fill in at the last minute in case the scheduled person can't make it. I glanced at the logs from 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM and noticed that sometimes there were two or even three people there.
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Anonymous said...

This is one of the best commentaries on Eucharistic Adoration ever.
In the comment section there is this question: how would someone know if the host is not a consecrated host and does it matter?
Some people would know and it does matter. If someone pretends to be a priest and hears confession, he cannot grant absolution. If someone pretends to be a judge and perform a civil ceremony, the marriage will not be legal.
Even when the room feels empty, we display reverence for the Eucharist, in case we are wrong and Jesus is present.
Have you never felt that the room was empty? Have you never felt that overwhelming Presence?
Sometimes we get snookered - and some jerk is laughing at our misplaced reverence. So what do we do? We pray for him. and we love him. Because according to God's Word:"Intense love covers a multitude of sins."

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