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D'Souza:I Do Not Describe Myself as Catholic

Sad and confusing. It seems Dinesh D'Souza does not consider himself Catholic anymore.

Puzzling, even perplexing
From Christianity Today:

The King's College surprised many higher education observers by choosing Dinesh D'Souza, widely identified as a Roman Catholic, as president of the New York City school. As a best-selling author and Christian apologist, D'Souza brings prominence and a network of influential leaders to the position. But King's decision to put a Catholic at the helm could create tension within a historically evangelical institution.

"I'm quite happy to acknowledge my Catholic background; at the same time, I'm very comfortable with Reformation theology," D'Souza told Christianity Today. "I'm comfortable with the evangelical world. In a sense, I'm part of it."

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John Hetman said...

Sad, but in this restless world of so much posturing and promotions, one can only pray that D'Souza returns to both his Faith and his senses.

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