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Dem: Can't Be Prolife and Anti-Anchor Baby

A Democrat says you can't be pro-life and against anchor babies. But ironically, according to Representative Luis Guttierrez you can be pro-abortion and for anchor babies like he is. Don't think he thought that one all the way through. Weasel Zippers has this outrageous story:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said there “seems to be a fundamental contradiction” between being “pro-life”,“pro-family” and being in favor of denying children of illegal immigrants born on U.S. soil birthright citizenship.

Gutierrez, a pro-choice Democrat, was asked at a press conference on Capitol Hill for his reaction to an idea recently floated by Senator Lindsey Graham (D-S.C.) to introduce an amendment to the U.S. Constitution changing the rules for citizenship currently outlined in the 14th Amendment.
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