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Your Air Condition is Eeeevil!!!

First they came for oil companies but I said nothing because I didn't own an oil company. Then they came for the SUV's and I said nothing because I didn't have an SUV. Now they're coming for my air condition and I'm like whoa hold up there. William Teach has the story:

Have you ever noticed that liberal whine a lot? The glass is usually empty in their world. Nothing is ever good enough. And, once they have beaten one thing to death, they find something else (though, they will come back to beating the previous thing when necessary). Now we have them whining about air conditioners
In the last half century, air conditioning has joined fireworks, swimming pools and charred hamburgers as a ubiquitous ingredient of an American summer. It’s no exaggeration to say it has changed the way this country functions, shaping everything from where we’re willing to live (Las Vegas, anyone?) to the amount of sex we have (more: It’s never too hot to get it on when the A.C. is blasting). Nine out of 10 new homes in this country are built with central air conditioning, and Americans now use as much electricity to power our A.C. as the entire continent of Africa uses for, well, everything.
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Mack said...

I'll give up my air conditioning when Al Gore forces the thermostat from my hot, dead fingers.

Paul said...

Hear, hear!

Anneg said...

Tell ya what. I'll give up my a/c in NC if we disconnect every single elevator in DC, NY, Boston and Seattle. Throw in LA and SF as well. AnneG

Anita said...

It is hot here in the summer. Yes. We use the A/C liberally in the summer so that we don't die of heatstroke. We also refrigerate our food - I know, it's selfish.

Our household does not use electric (or gas) heat in the winter though. Our electricity usage drops to nearly nothing from October through March every year.

I know that my ancestors who lived in this area lived here without A/C - but they also lived in non-insulated houses that were built to promote air flow. Turn off the A/C in one of these 'energy-efficient' houses and you're living in an oven.

I know! Why don't we all just migrate seasonally?

Anonymous said...

We've avoided using our AC so far this year. I prefer to discipline myself into tolerating the heat.

Anonymous said...

Incredible resource. I'm going to suggest this to all of the Phoenix air conditioning companies I know. Thanks again!

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