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To Stay at Home Mothers...

This post from Femininity Revisited blew me away.

I have been suffering from serious depression lately but I think I finally know the reason why.

I had a revelation in the shelving/organization aisle in Lowe's.

Saturday morning found my husband and I at Lowe's. We were getting some storage bins when my husband asked me if there was anything else I wanted. I walked over to the cartoon-themed toy bins, touched them tenderly and replied, "Yes. I want to buy some of these for my son's toys...."
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o said...

Poor thing. As a home-schooling Dad of 3 Catholic boys, it's a frustrating job and a blast at the same time. So much effect I can have on them. This is the way the road bent for the last two years and I'll make the most of it. I recall eight years ago I couldn't handle my first son as a 1-2 year old for the 90 minutes my wife would disappear to get groceries when I got home from work. She'd return and I'd collapse!!! Now, who needs a vacation or alone time, they're a part of me like my lungs. Of course, I'm here on line, so some alone time is needed!! And it IS nice to send them away so my wife and I can talk a few minutes! But what a joy!!!!

Sieze the day - whatever God gives you!

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