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Ten Ways to Make Atheists Cry

Good stuff:

1. Discuss the Fermi Paradox. Atheists love aliens because they always assume that, a) brainy creatures gushing out of every galactic cranny shows that Earth is low-rent cosmic real estate, and b) the smartest aliens will be atheists. Against this giddy optimism, the famous physicist Enrico Fermi asked a quite innocent question: If Earth is a typical planet, and there are lots of planets in the universe, then why haven’t any extraterrestrial critters dropped by, or even sent us a text message (“ur nt solo, n btw ur nt vry smrt”)?

2. Join Mensa. Atheists are obsessed with their IQs and they love to flaunt their membership in an organization of people dedicated to self-congratulation. The atheist assumption is that religion is a sure sign of evolutionary atavism. A devout believer whipping out his Mensa card is entirely incomprehensible and ultimately indigestible.
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Therese Z said...
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Therese Z said...

Therese Z said...
That's not quite a fair description of Mensans as people who are dedicated to self-congratulation. I'm a member, and have been one since I was 19. I never mention it to people unless the specific subject comes up, and I think that's the practice for most of us.

There are indeed a few irritating pompous jerks, but most are people who enjoy games at a killer competitive level with no hard feelings, joke-telling, learning, museums, beer, puns, chocolate, providing running commentary at dopey movies, etc.

There is a strong atheistic and questioning-for-the-sake-of-questioning going on there, but we have our own faithful Catholic group, and all in all, it's been a good experience to be in Mensa.

I do admit that some years I think I renew my membership just so, some day, I can whip out my card and my degree in the hard sciences and say to an atheist, "All this and Catholic too!"

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