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Robber Foiled By...Jesus?!

This is an awesome story by Matthew Warner with amazing video:

I know I’m supposed to be posting on Catholics in New Media today, but I just had to share this instead. It’s too good.

Nayara Goncalves, 20, was alone in the store in Pompano Beach, Fla., on July 23 when an unidentified man displayed a gun and demanded cash. Goncalves, a devout Christian, calmly said, “You can do whatever you want, but I’m just going to talk to you about Jesus, my God, before you leave.” [foxnews]

What followed was a 5 minutes conversation between the woman and the would-be robber revealing what had driven this man to take such drastic measures. He confessed that he needed $300 for his family in order to pay a bill and avoid eviction. And then he even apologizes as he leaves - without taking a cent.
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