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Obama Closed Car Dealers Based on Race

Was there ever any doubt that race plays a role in nearly every decision this administration makes. Moonbattery has this very disturbing story:

Now that our first Affirmative Action President is in charge of the auto industry, car dealerships are closed down on the basis not of profitability but of race and gender:

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout — closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler — were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky. …
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Anonymous said...

Affirmative action places unqualified, inexperienced people in positions of responsibility they are not prepared for and cannot handle effectively, especially not when there is pressure or a crisis. The current president is a prime example of the failure of affirmative action policies.

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