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McBrien: Bishops Should Endorse Obamacare

Fr. Z takes on Fr. Richard McBrien's thoughts that the bishops should endorse Obamacare:

I am tired of writing that Richard McBrien doesn’t get it when it comes to abortion.

He does get it.

Face facts.

Richard McBrien supports “a woman’s right to choose.”

He should simply say it openly instead of writing articles pretending to be a Catholic.

McBrien’s latest article asks why – why oh why? – the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference won’t drop its opposition to Obamacare.
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Clinton said...

In the not-too-distant future, I imagine two members
of the ND theology faculty reminiscing over an old
Notre Dame annual:

#1: "Hey, who's this McBrien guy? I remember that
name from somewhere..."
#2: "I think he was some kind of faculty comedian."
#1: "Oh yeah, I remember now. You're right."

Fr. McBrien is a sad hack, peddling wares that are of
less and less interest to his fellow theologians. His
indisputable talent as a publicity hound will never
make up for his lack of anything worthwhile or
lasting to say. He is to be pitied. He will be soon

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