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Jeb? Sarah? Or Romney?

2010 is the year we should be focused on but one can't help but wonder about 2012. I hear people talking about Mitt Romney and I just want to pull my hair out. We all hear about Sarah but has she been so demonized by the media that her negatives are just too high? And then there's Jeb who would be great if his last name wasn't Bush. Ugh. Melissa Clouthier has more on this:

I'm asking because it sure seems like she's getting ready to run. People bring up Hillary Clinton's negatives, but that just points out the obvious: Barack Obama won, Hillary Clinton lost. It wasn't just her liberal policies and her grating voice. It's that she was a woman.

What are Sarah Palin's favorables with women? With conservative women? They weren't good during the election cycle. Are they better now?
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