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Feminist Summer Camp

I'd bet the boys from neighboring camps don't sneak across the pond to sneak into the feminist camp. They'd probably be sacrificed to Lilith or something while the crazy wenches danced around the maypole. Kind of like "The Wicker Man" but with none of the unintended comedy. Lori Ziganto has the story:

Out: Camp fires and swimming. In: groupthink! Yes, now femisogynists are weaseling their way into the realm of summer camps:
Lots of kids go to summer camp to roast hot dogs and learn how to canoe. Others go to get really good at tennis or to immerse themselves in musical theater. And now, you can go to camp to learn how to be a feminist.
A camp. To learn how to be a feminist. I know, I thought the same thing — who on earth would want to be a feminist, much less attend a camp rife with them? Turns out, it’s the kind of people who actually choose to label themselves and who take some sort of strange pride in being a part of an irrelevant and self-diminishing groupthink.
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