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Endless Summer Nights

I can absolutely relate to this story. Bedtimes in the Archbold house have been discarded, ignored, and rebuffed even. But it's ok it's summer, right? Arwen and Faith and Family Live is also a terrible parent, I guess, so at least she's making me feel better:

It’s past 8:30 on a typical summer evening, and do I know where my children are?

Sure. But where they are is probably not the same place as where they should be: in bed.

Here’s my true mom confession: in this season, my children do not go to bed “on time.”

I can name many reasons why this happens. The sun doesn’t set until 9:00, and it doesn’t get really dark until almost 10:00, so it’s hard to convince children to go to sleep, even with our heavy-duty blackout curtains.
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