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Dems for Life: Abortion Won't Be Funded

Kathryn Jean Lopez has dueling press releases arguing over whether abortion will be funded by Obamacare. Dems for Life insist it won't despite tons of evidence it does:

Kristen Day at the Democrats for Life group sends this press release along, with a note that "HHS has assured us that the high risk pools will not be able to pay for abortion."

ADMINISTRATION REITERATES THAT NO FEDERAL FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR ABORTION “Despite Claims by Republican Groups, High Risk Pools will not Pay for Abortion”
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Anonymous said...

It's great how the Democrats for Life leap to attention after the Republicans bite their ass on the issue. Working closely w/pro abortion Sebellius and pro abortion Obama and pro abortion Biden etc. etc. etc. they wouldn't know what was going on except for the NRLC and other true pro life groups. God help these people. They don't have a clue.

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