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Phi Beta Cons thinks college movies today may show us where we've gone wrong. And it's pretty darn wrong:

Perhaps in honor of commencement time, there have been a number of college movies airing on television, and I caught snatches of several a few weekends ago. I was really stunned at how gross and perverse they are.

I noticed a few recurrent tropes. The films just take for granted the superfluity of beautiful, curvaceous young women, all dressed in tight clothing and all very hot and nubile. One difference that I could see between the 1984 film, Revenge of the Nerds, and the more recent ones, Accepted (2006) and American Pie Presents Beta House (2007), is that the existence of coed dorms has noticeably increased the level of depravity.
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Lee G said...

Meanwhile, you can bet that your local Catholic College Prep schools will continue to pump out literature to the effect that their students got into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown.


My wife and my daughter taught at such a prep school. One of the mothters told of taking her daughter to a large university campus where one of the Frat houses had the following banner across the front: "If you haven't taught your daughter about birth control, we will."

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