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City Shakes Down Jesuit University?

Scranton seems to be shaking down the Uiversity of Scranton, a Jesuit run University. Thanks to Good Jesuit/Bad Jesuit for the heads up on this piece:

A couple weeks back, I wrote a column taking the Scranton City Council president to task for trying to shake down the University of Scranton in exchange for an aerial easement it needed to build a $33 million dormitory in the 900 block of Mulberry Street. The university pulled its request after its president, the Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., said Mrs. Evans and her council "supermajority" tried to tie approval of the easement to an increase in the university's voluntary annual payment in lieu of taxes.

Despite council's attempt to hold the university's project hostage, officials there decided to increase the nonprofit's PILOT payment nearly 60 percent, to $175,000. The university is the city's only major institution making a PILOT payment of any significance.
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Joseph Fromm said...

What is interesting is that the city of Scranton describes itself on its website as "the Progressive City"

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