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Can Palin Win?

I'm not sure Palin's the best candidate for 2012 but she certainly is a muy serious contender:

Just barely a year ago I published "Can Palin Win the 2012 GOP Nomination?" I laid out what I considered the necessary prerequisites for Sarah Palin's emergence as viable, top-tier candidate for the nomination in 2012. The very first comment at the post was offered by the radical progressive LeMonton, who dissed Palin's chances: "dream on dude, dream on."

Actually, no need to dream. A year out from Palin's resignation as Alaska Governor, the former GOP running-mate is looking good for a presidential run of her own next time around. As for my analysis, I'm still leaning on development of the experience thing, especially on foreign policy. Palin still sounds "light" on some issues. But she's unquestionably the finest potential candidate on the issues of greatest concern to the conservative base, and absent some serious gaffes or blunders, she'll be the one in every competitor's cross hairs. I'd add a new recommendation, however: Palin must avoid the Hillary Clinton complex
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John Hetman said...

I like Sarah Palin very much and I think that she is a powerful force for the return of true goodness and morality in this country that is so wracked with depravity around every corner. But she has simply too many personal and family distractions now and in the near future to serve well and wisely as our President. Moreover, the mainstream media would be hurling dung at her administration for her entire term.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if I like her or not. To me, that is a problem. Something just doesn't ring true - I don't know what it is, and I could not describe it, but something feels amiss. I don't think she should be judged by her daughter's actions, though. Look at every other candidate's relationships with their children and you will find something very similar.

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