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Better Dead than a C-List Celebrity?

Cassy Fiano of Live Action writes about celebrity Nick Cannon thanking his mother in song for not aborting him. Well, that proved too much for some pro-aborts who attack Cannon for even questioning that he wouldn't be better off dead rather than a low level celebrity:

One of the most terrifying experiences a woman can undergo is surely to become pregnant while still in high school. You’re afraid of getting in trouble, of getting shunned by your friends. You worry that you won’t be able to finish high school, that your future is ruined. You wonder if you can take care of a baby and if you’d even be a good mother. It isn’t surprising that teenage girls find abortion so appealing — it’s a quick solution to a problem they feel like they have no way out of, and if they go to the right place, their parents never even need to know. And, as Live Action has repeatedly documented, abortion clinics are there waiting with open arms to exploit and manipulate these young girls into getting an abortion.
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