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AP Can't Help Using the F Word

The media reflexively uses the word "fetus" even when it's inappropriate. Soon we're going to have stories about fetuses in kindergarten. Newsbusters has the story:

Last year, Brent Bozell lamented the murder of Darlene Haynes in Worcester, Massachusetts, with her baby cut out of her womb, and how the media called it a "fetus" -- even after the baby was born in a violent kidnapping. Now there's a Massachusetts repeat, except this time, it was the baby that was killed in a Boston-area nail salon assault.

On the Boston Herald website, the AP headline was "Wellesley woman indicted in death of fetus." AP reported that "Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said Sunday that Ayanna Woodhouse will be arraigned on charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault Monday in Suffolk Superior Court."

AP added: "The female fetus was delivered by emergency Cesarean section, but did not survive."
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