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Teachers Protest Graduates Enlisting

This is so sad. These young people deserve our respect, not to be protested for their decision to enter the military. Shame on those teachers. Cassy Fiano has the story:

Six students at Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School in Massachusetts decided to enlist in the military following graduation. The school was understandably proud, and held an assembly honoring their service to their country. How did two moonbat teachers respond? They crashed the assembly and protested, holding “end war” signs.

Two teachers at Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School have touched off a firestorm after holding up an “End War” sign at a school assembly where six students who’ve enlisted in the military were being honored.

Many in the community say the teachers crossed a line and treated their own students with disrespect.

The students received a standing ovation, but at that point the two teachers sat down refusing to clap.
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Mack Hall, Viet-Nam veteran, Teacher said...

This would not have happened at Kirbyville High School.

In Texas a deliberate disruption of an academic event is a criminal offense. I don't know about Massachusetts; I hope these two nutters were cuffed and stuffed.

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