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Some Comfort Care

Rebecca Hagelin on the growing number of culture of death fetishists who pass for healthcare workers:

You’ve probably never heard of Don Holley. But you should know his name – and you should know how his family said he died: in a San Franciso hospital at the hands of medical staff using a procedure called, “Comfort Care”.

More and more people are finding that the hospitals they have gone to for help are becoming the places that permanently put them or their loved ones out of their misery. In Don Holley’s case, the hospital he went to for healing morphed into a medical version of the nightmarish Hotel California after it was too late for him to leave.
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KM said...

As a former hospital social worker I saw this all the time and it was labeled "comfort care." That was ten years ago. Most frequently it was an elderly person who had a severe stroke and you would see that same pattern of drugs given and food and water denied. And, the nurses would periodically check the skin and urine to see how much closer to death they were getting. If it took too long the hospital would want them out of there as it costs them too much money for that person to use up a bed -it slows the turnover and profit in the hospital. So they would call in hospice to arrange to take them in and the comfort care would continue there until their death. The problem with comfort care is that it is a knee jerk reaction to various states of critical illness, meaning, it is very quickly turned to and thus overused without going through any extraordinary effort to assist the patient in the direction of life as opposed to the direction of death. It is complicated, but not so complicated any longer if you don't think it through and can just write "Comfort Care" on their chart. The other really common theme is that the Power of Attorney was almost always a greedy adult child bickering with the other siblings.

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